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  1. Took a look this morning, it has opened back up. Seems they have found an error that needs correcting.
  2. Thank you for the insight. I ‘ll keep an eye open for any changes.
  3. Good afternoon. Was checking to see if anyone had any insight to what might be going on. Last night checked my HLR appeal status and it says it was closed. Not that a decision was made, not that anything was sent out, only to contact VA or VSO. My issues are no longer listed. I had my informal conference a week ago. Thought it went well. She said it should probably close last Friday or this past Monday, but it closed a week later. Being it is the weekend, not sure what to expect. If anything should be updated yet, or if to expect any changes anywhere this quickly.
  4. This is all for the same supplemental. Saw QTC few weeks ago. This review was requested a week ago. No in person appt. Sent my appeal back into development.
  5. Good morning all. Hoping someone could shed some light on a couple things. I’m on second go around with Supplemental claim on the same issues, but this time, actually got to see a doctor through QTC that listened, and looked at everything with me. Tried for a higher level review, but missed the second phone call to schedule appointment, was in VA appt. I called Peggy last week and they explained the DRO is requesting a records review from the doctor? Last night I received a package from QTC explaining that a different nurse practitioner will be reviewing my records ? I’m a little confused and wondering if this will bode well for my claim as this person did not see or speak with me.
  6. I agree, there are many reasons for the way things turn out. One can either dwell and live on the negative or learn and move on to better things. Everything that happens is a stepping stone, an opportunity. We actually have tried with an existing home, new construction on a custom home, and now the modular, as they grow in equity the same as site built homes. Every time, we have been met with very low appraisals. In the end, if this is the route we are not to take at this moment, it is not meant to be. Just wondering if anyone else had run into the same situation. I truly appreciate it. We are building a new life, leaving behind our past individual struggles , bringing together our kids, continuing in our new careers, and a new town. There will always be hiccups. We are blessed everyday for new beginnings.
  7. Wasn’t sure where to ask this question. we have been hit 3 times by low appraisals. This last one, same property different kind of house. Appraiser hit us at $100,000 off. Last year, same property, different house, only $20,000. Loan amount is not much different. This will be new construction, MODULAR, home, on land in Texas. The comps, I am told she used were mobile homes, older, and on smaller acreage. When our lender sent in more comparable properties, as modular homes are not to be appraised the same as mobile and manufactured homes, she refused to budge. There is clear and defined error in the information used. How, do they expect anyone to buy using our VA benefits if they keep low balling us. My husband and I are both vets. This is very disheartening.
  8. Opted into RAMP last May, sat in limbo - no movement, except gathering evidence until earlier this year. Sent them copies of service records and civilian records to go through. Denial in my original claims stated no documentation in service records, well, we found those and sent them copies and then treatment records out of service, so, hoping that all goes well with this outcome.
  9. RAMP Claim just closed after open for over a year. Closed on a Saturday. Just curious how soon anyone saw updates within E benefits. I know with through initial claim process saw the updates almost simultaneous with closure.
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