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  1. Broncvet, the thing is I've never applied, my hands have been a problem 1 year before I got out and I didn't have a copy of my record now fast forward to 2020 I got my medical record and going through it I found the documentation on my hands which I had thought that I had something saying my hands were bothering me but just figured it wasn't important when they scheduled my C&P appointments. So what I'm trying to figure out now that my hands are in such a mess how do I go about submitting this to the VA. I'm not to worried about back pay I would just like to get this into the VA and see if it will move my disability higher. So which way should i submit this to the VA and do i add records and letters from Dr's , wife, and friends?
  2. My question is I finally received my Military Medical record from the VA after 17months, upon review I found the documentation of my problem with my hand joints swollen and painful. I have been seeing a Rheumatologist since 2009 when i got out after 20yrs of service. so my question is how should I submit the missing information i.e. DD FORM 2807-1 BLOCK 12 H, Swollen or Painful Joints and Block 29 12H 6 months now painful and swollen hands and finger joints, Block 30 12h, hand swelling in the AM, minimally controlled on Naproxen. This was documented January 7th 2009 during the time i was having my C&P Exams. Also when I submit this information to the VA would this be something I would be entitled to back pay? My Rheumatologist has told me she would write me a letter stating that this is more then likely the start of my problems with my hands. Also the sailors I work with will write buddy letters on how my hand will be swollen all the time along with my wife letter stating the pain that my hands cause me and limit my activities in working in the yard and on my house.
  3. Not going for UI at this time. Yes I need to set down and try to write a letter. How many buddy letters should I send and should my neurologist write a letter also and if so what should she put in it. I dont mean to bug you im just been waiting for my medical recordand its been over a year and a half. I want to thank you and everyone else that are spending time helping me
  4. Yes I've been at 40% since 2009, that was my initial va exam when I got out it was with a civilian Dr. No I haven't filled a claim for higher ever. I know that I have people that will verify that I will fall asleep 5 to 7 times a day just at work let alone 3 to 5 times at home, has been this way since 2009. I've been waiting for my service medical records for over 1 1/2 years and the last information I got on that was it would be out to me in May well August and still nothing. I'm now on 2 of the strongest medicines for treatment and I still fall asleep at least 5ctimes a day at work or the same at home so that would put me around 30 times a week on the low side. I've also have missed work on 3 occasions this year due to not being able to wake up to go to work. So what would be the best way to go at this? i have my old and new sleep studies, my Dr will write me a buddy letter or this IME you mentioned , and I have officers and retired military along with enlisted that will do a buddy letter approximately 30 people to write letters. (Would 30 be an over kill). With out my medical record and time expiring from when I put the notice I was going to submit a claim in September of 2019. Should I submit what I have and see what happens or get a firm to take on my case? I'm only asking for advice and help in the direction of what to submit how to submit and if I do it my self and its denied can I still retain a firm to try again?
  5. I have a few questions I'm looking at trying to increase my Narcolepsy rating and I'm trying to figure out what all i will need. I already have 10 people that i work with whom are retired military and military members that have told me that they will write statements to me falling asleep at work 5 to 7 times a day along with my wife's statement. i was told that i dont need a Nexus letter when trying to increase a rating, so what would i have my Neurologist that's been treating me the past 8 yrs. last question is when i was going through my VA appointment's (all done by civilian doctors) i had not noticed a mistake until last year, the mistake is when i was asked about the minor seizures i told the doctor i experience between 5 to 7 a day but last year i noticed that he had put 5 to 7 a week. the difference from 40% to 80% disability. I understand i should have reviewed the paperwork after receiving my disability letter in 2009, and I'm not looking to get back pay just want to get the rating i should have gotten with the right wording that should have been put in the report. this is so confusing and i dont have the money for one of these law offices to take my case. So I'm hoping with all the knowledge in this group i will at least get steered on the right track.
  6. so do i send the FOIA to my regional office and just a regular request or another FOIA to the Janesville Wi. address
  7. GBArmy well i have been reading these forums and it looks like i need to send away for my C-file also cause the one i sent for was a copy of my service medical record to NPRC and im thinking this is not my c-file. what im afraid of is the time it takes to get the file also do i have to go to the atlanta regional office cause that is about an 8 hr drive or can i request it online to be mailed to me? any help is greatly appreciated
  8. just to make sure im right i sent off for my medical record im looking alot of forums and i now thing the medical record i sent off for is not this c-file, where about do i send for that file if you dont mind me asking. So many files and forms to try and remember ugh lol
  9. GBArmy when did they start scanning the records and copying them on disk?
  10. GBArmy the denial was with my original discharge VA Physical back in 2009, all my appointments were with civilian doctors, I've been trying to remember back in 2009 while going through all of the appointments. the GERD had to be in my medical record because when i sat down with the VA rep she went through my record in front of me and asked about all the items in my claim because she set the appointments up for me. I'm also guessing that the c-file you are talking about is my medical record that i sent off for last week, I did make a full copy of my medical record but unfortunately i was unable to get them out of my house before my then wife now ex wife packed the house up and moved to nebraska and yes i asked for them but you know how that went since im sending off for my records LOL.
  11. i definitely will check that out and yes i got my finial claim of 80% in 2009
  12. LOL that to funny, no only places i've been to was chile, peru, ecuador, colombia. most of my time was on trident subs.
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