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  1. Hi I called 1800 number to check status of my supplemental claim, they said it's in gathering of evidence phase, also said they asking regional office for internal review, I already took the c&p exam. Does anybody know what's an internal review for
  2. Yes sir I see the clip I just have figure out how to download exam off my healthevet going to the site now and try thank you sir
  3. I wanted to but could figure out how to download it on here.
  4. The C&p exam was done 2wks ago and received by VARO the same day according to 1 800# peggy. Also I was able to see the C&P exam on myhealthvet 3 days after exam. As of Friday I don't think the exam had been reviewed by the rater yet.
  5. It's been 2weeks since exam still haven't seen anything yet I'm just waiting. Thank you for help
  6. It states that the veteran d Does have a disability that is at least likely as not incurred during his military service
  7. Hi I had c&p exam on 09/09/2019 for GMED/ORTHOPEDIC, why is general medical stated, I know the exam is for my back which is orthro. Also is the rationale opinion wrote by the examiner on the dbq can be considered a nexus/link
  8. Hi I had c&p exam for GMED/ORTHRO on 09/09/2019. Why does the exam says general medical and orthopedic, because I know it's for my back which is the orthopedic portion but never had G/medical. Also is the rationale opinion the the examiner wrote on the exam can be considered a nexus/link
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