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  1. Aside from arthritis, he may have some others, he has a lot of pride so I will see if I can get him to tell me more. The acne was all over his back at one point. He still to this day has one or two nodules he has to deal with. I have the form but I don't know hoe to upload it, all it offers is to insert a web address, is there an email I can send the information to and then perhaps you can post it here?
  2. I will get all the info to you, he was treated for the acne but told it wasn't AO related, he didn't have any of it when he went into the service, to this day he still gets it on his back or a leg, I'd love for him to get something for his suffering, I'll find that info, should I send it via message? Thank you for your feedback, I actually took pictures of all his paperwork.
  3. My father filed his condition he got from Agent Orange and it was denied, he tried again and it was denied, so he gave up, my twin sister and I have it far worse than he it's been rough, although it's not a birth defect it seems to have become a genetic problem for offspring, some suffering far worse than their parents.
  4. My father served in Vietnam 1969-1975, he was exposed to Agent Orange when it was sprayed to knock the jungle down-he reported the outbreak of Chloracne to the doctors at the VA, he got it on his back-most of his back. He had my first older sister who got it on her face, back and arms. My second oldest sister only got it on her chin. My identical twin and I got it really BAD, we had it on our face, backs, necks, chests, behind our ears, sometimes in our groin too-we had to take a 9 month course of Accutane back in 1994-1995. It cleared until we had our kids, mine came back with a vengeance so bad I had to get back on Accutane (generic version) just a few years ago, on for 6 months-off for 2, back on for 6 months. I have been sickly most of my life. My bones have always hurt, but it is much worse now, began getting really bad when I was 30, I have lesions in my brain, degenerating disc disease, peripheral neuropathy, arthritis all over my body, and many other issues-my daughter was born with a premature fusion in her skull and had to have skull surgery to save her life-is there help for kids of vets or grandkids? My father was denied by the VA back in the 80s when he attempted to get help, it wasn't as bad for him as it's been for me and my twin-I'm terrified my kids are going to get this terrible skin condition, for years between the ages of 12-15 I prayed every night I would die in my sleep-the sores on our backs were EXCRUCIATING, I have pictures of then and pictures of now-no dermatologist has seen anything like it. The Accutane has given me it's own side effects, it has encouraged the extreme pain all over my body to hurt more, my joints to ache sharper, my eyes hurt so much...please please say there is help for us-if not, please tell me how to set it up so we can get help. Daddy is in his 70s now, he won't live forever, he deserves the benefits so many others deserve and have NOT gotten, I am trying to help him, and we are also paying for is exposure to this toxic chemical, I cannot believe how forgotten our veterans are about this, I have suffered over 25 years because of that extreme acne...any tips or advice would be much appreciated. I pray this isn't a repeat, but if it is, I do apologize. Thank you for letting me be part of your community, I think what you're doing to help each other is so very awesome. God Bless.
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