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  1. Hi I was informed by LHI that I needed an in person C& P. Then all of a sudden, they said that all exams were canceled by the VA until further notice. Then a new claim popped up in ebenefits for me stating - Covid EXAm Cancellation review with an expected completion date of December 2021. Does anyone know what that is or what that means?
  2. Thank God for this forum because the VA just keeps you guessing. I filed a higher level review. I was told that there were 5 duty to assist errors that were sent back for correction in the decision letter I was sent. The higher level review closed my claim without the supplemental claim opening. After six weeks of calling Peggy, writing IRIS, the intake center and faxing the HLR and contacting a local congressman, the claim reopened on EBenefits. They updated it several times until it finally showed the 5 duty to assist errors that were denied under claims pending. Last night I went on EBenefits and all the pending claims disappeared. On Va.gov, it always showed that the appeals were closed but now it shows yesterdays date as to when it was closed. It shows a supplemental claim that is open on va.gov but It states that it can't give me a status. Usually when you see pending claims disappear on EBenefits it means that the claims was denied. So my questions are the following: 1) do supplemental claims appear in EBenefits as pending claims or could it be that someone noticed that it was not suppose to be in EBenefits and they moved it to va.gov. 2) The decision letter I received stated that the VA medical opinion provided is not sufficient for rating purposes. We will develop for clarification of VA medical opinion. The VA did not require me to go to another exam. Can they legally deny my claim if the exam is over 45 days old? Wouldn't they have to send me for a new exam? Please let me know what you think.
  3. I didn't mean for my question to spark an argument you guys. I signed on for hope and encouragement only. I am in a bad place and just wanted to know whether there was any sign of hope that processing was still going on. With that being said, I was contacted by the VA today about an appointment and was told that it was canceled because the VA is closing some departments due to the virus.
  4. Hi, Do you know if the VA is still processing claims during the coronavirus outbreak or if the offices have closed down? My claim has been sitting in Preparation for Discussion for a week now.
  5. Hey you guys, Please give me a suggestion of what to do next. My higher level review was completed and duty to assist errors were found. My higher level review was closed. A supplemental claim should have been created to address the duty to assist errors but it was not. There are no open claims for me. It's been over a month since the higher level review was closed. I sent a letter marked urgent to the intake center. They posted the letter to my file but did not address the supplemental claim. I wrote to iris, and called iris and asked to speak to a supervisor but I was ignored. I called the white house hot line but nothing was done. What is there left for me to do?
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