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  1. I didn’t sign a contract for a loan. how can anyone owe a loan if theirs no contract for money borrowed?!
  2. I didn’t sign a contract for a loan. how can I owe thousands of dollars for a loan if they didn’t tell me I had to pay it back and I didn’t sign a contract for a loan?!
  3. Is this the right thing? And do I just show them all my va records And hand them stack of army records ? Or do I wait for the 1st denile then bring all evidence with lawyer. Will I get my evidence records back?
  4. I was awarded 100% p&t a couple months back. i can’t work. How do I apply for Ssdi? And should I ? I don’t know what to do. Please advice
  5. Is their a time limit for applying for Ssdi when you receive 100% p&t and smc?
  6. I was injured in combat training doesn’t that mean I don’t have to pay it back.?
  7. This document states I was injured in combat training. So I don’t have to pay back the disability separation pay, right?
  8. What about this. I was combat arms and injured in combat training.
  9. Is this valid? and just what does this mean?
  10. Doesn’t this below apply to my case.
  11. Is specified trauma and stressor disorder, the same as ptsd?
  12. Diagnostic code?? i don’t understand
  13. They never told me I had to pay this back! Had anyone else dealt with this. I was medboarded in 13. Got my dod and va % b4 I got out, they gave me separation pay and never said nothing. Now they want it back.
  14. I was medboarded in 2013 and during the process we all worked with Peblos and received our va rating while still enlisted through out the medboard process. I received disability separation pay too also. I was 10% dod and 80% va. Now I’m 100%p&t from a recent increase. And now 7 years later they say I must pay it back. They never once told us we had to pay it back. Has anyone else dealt with this bs?
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