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  1. I didn’t sign a contract for a loan. how can anyone owe a loan if theirs no contract for money borrowed?!
  2. I didn’t sign a contract for a loan. how can I owe thousands of dollars for a loan if they didn’t tell me I had to pay it back and I didn’t sign a contract for a loan?!
  3. Is this the right thing? And do I just show them all my va records And hand them stack of army records ? Or do I wait for the 1st denile then bring all evidence with lawyer. Will I get my evidence records back?
  4. I was awarded 100% p&t a couple months back. i can’t work. How do I apply for Ssdi? And should I ? I don’t know what to do. Please advice
  5. Is their a time limit for applying for Ssdi when you receive 100% p&t and smc?
  6. I was injured in combat training doesn’t that mean I don’t have to pay it back.?
  7. This document states I was injured in combat training. So I don’t have to pay back the disability separation pay, right?
  8. What about this. I was combat arms and injured in combat training.
  9. Is specified trauma and stressor disorder, the same as ptsd?
  10. They never told me I had to pay this back! Had anyone else dealt with this. I was medboarded in 13. Got my dod and va % b4 I got out, they gave me separation pay and never said nothing. Now they want it back.
  11. I was medboarded in 2013 and during the process we all worked with Peblos and received our va rating while still enlisted through out the medboard process. I received disability separation pay too also. I was 10% dod and 80% va. Now I’m 100%p&t from a recent increase. And now 7 years later they say I must pay it back. They never once told us we had to pay it back. Has anyone else dealt with this bs?
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