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  1. Hey all. Back again. I recently filed a supplemental claim for mental health diagnosis less than a month after my initial decision. My initial decision for the mental health claim was other stressor related disorder even though I have had multiple diagnosis of PTSD from personal psychiatrists. I was also rated way lower than I should have been due to the C&P examiner. I was recently approved for a change in the condition from other stressor related disorder to PTSD and increased from 30 to 70%. They changed the effective date of my mental health diagnosis to january 5th of 2021 (when
  2. Okay so I found out that they are not going to have my effective date remain the date of the initial claim. Their contention is that my condition got worse and so they are changing my effective date from march of 2019 to january of 2021 to avoid paying me that backpay....is that even allowed? What is the point of appealing with a supplemental claim if they can just do that?
  3. Hey thanks for the response. My claim just closed and ebenefits has updated under the disabilities section with an increase from 60 to 80%. Under the contention that was increased and changed (other stressor related disorder rated at 30% changed to PTSD with TBI at 70%) there is a new effective date that was previously dated march of 2019. It has an effective date of january of 2021...I was under the impression that if you filed a supplemental within a year of decision notice that you are supposed to retain your initial effective date correct? Does this mean that I wont recieve my backpay
  4. Anyone have an idea why supplemental claims dont show status updates on VA.gov? It continually will just say "We dont know your status" until the claim is closed.
  5. Yeah so the benefits side of the VA did diagnose me with a service connected mental condition but not ptsd (even though I have a CIB on my dd214 as well as the initial award letter from my CIB, and an arcom with v). But the contracted dr diagnosed me with "other stressor related disorder" and low balled me. In contrast the health side of the VA DID diagnose me with chronic ptsd w/ panic attacks. They also denied my claim for my right knee even though I uploaded evidence of me complaining about pain in my knee in service and provided evidence of a tumor removal from that same knee after I g
  6. Thanks for the input guys. I have a bad feeling its going to be denied. My initial claim had my ebenefits letter update immediately. They claim it closed today but on va.gov the supplemental is still saying "we dont know the status" and ebenefits looks exactly the same. Im still holding out a bit of hope that since it doesnt say "closed" on va.gov yet that even though its supposedly closed today that their are still some i's to dot and t's to cross before it updates across both of the websites. I literally sent them a recent diagnosis from a VA doctor of chronic ptsd w/ panic attacks that
  7. Filed a supplemental claim 12 days ago. Sent a current diagnosis from VHA of combat related PTSD (they diagnosed me with other stressor related disorder at 30%) and evidence of symptoms and interactions with police that should put me at 50 or 70% in like 50 pages of evidence via . Called 1800 number today to check on status and they said that it had already been decided for 10/20/2020 (tomorrow???) and no new C&P was given. Does this seem a bit fast to you? Does that mean its unfavorable or have you seen favorable decisions made that quickly?
  8. Okay so an update. VES sent the exam back to the va and the va kicked it back yet again. Three times now its been sent back for rework. I called the 1-800 number and the rep was actually very helpful and informative in comparison to previous calls ive made. He told me that the rater is asking for clarification about my migraines in relation to my TBI. I have not claimed migraines but I had planned on filing that with my next claim. Is it possible the va is attempting to split the TBI contention into two separate contentions for TBI and migraines?
  9. Is it allowed to call the contracted Drs office specifically and try to see when they will provide the clarification the va is requiring?
  10. Okay cool thanks. So probably no more required from me then? Just hurry up and wait?
  11. Hey all, Bit of an update. I have been SC for PTSD at 30% and tinnitus at 10%, denied for two other conditions and my TBI claim was "deferred". I had my TBI C&P about a month ago and in the process I've recieved two notifications on va.gov that two more exams have been scheduled. Well I called VES today after not hearing from them about any new appointments for two weeks and the rep on the phone told me that there was no new exam requested...that the VA actually just "kicked back" the C&P two times. They said they are "reworking" the exam. Anyone experience this before
  12. Good morning hadit, I have both ptsd and TBI and believe my diagnosed sleep apnea (mixed sleep apnea, with both central and obstructive sleep apnea) has been directly caused by my ptsd and TBI. I am not overweight, have no medical issues of the throat or the respiratory system that would cause it. My question to you all is if I want to file sleep apnea secondary to either of this conditions which one should i file it secondary to? I've found much more literature tying obstructive sleep apnea to ptsd but also found literature that ties both obstructive sleep apnea and central sle
  13. I've had two good ones from VES. But now I've been waiting for a TBI exam for over 30 days with VES but they still havent gotten me one.
  14. So my benefits letter just updated. Service connected PTSD (Combat related) was DENIED? But I was approved for "other trauma and stressor related disorder". And only at 30%....that is insane to me. I realize that it doesnt matter in terms of the payout but it seems weird considering I was diagnosed with PTSD by a VA dr. #1 Why was I not approved for combat related PTSD when I am a combat infantryman with a CIB and army commendation medal with valor? #2 The lowball...whatever im not the first its happened to and wont be the last. How do I get this increased? I wen
  15. Nope wont affect her negatively at all. In fact it could put you guys at a lower tax bracket and affect her positively if anything.
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