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  1. I file 3 VA claims in 2010, in 2016 I was awarded 100 P&T for only one on the claims.  In 2020 I was asked to go before Board of Review judge.  My question is since I am 100 P&T should I drop the other claim for 2010 or pursue it?

    1. tpipkin


      Buck - Just got this note below back, does that mean I was denied?  Haven't seen the letter yet.

       Veterans Benefits Administration sent you a Supplemental Statement of the Case on September 26, 2020 because, after completing the remand instructions from the Board, they couldn’t fully grant your appeal.


    2. shrekthetank1


      No I would never drop a claim.  There are still steps beyond where you are at and you don't want to give them reason to reduce you.  All of the SMC's A&A and more.  

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