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  1. One more question. Does my husband working part time off and on affect the 100 percent permanent and total for five years since release from active duty rule?
  2. I don’t think he has SDVI. When he got out it was a confusing time and he had lots of surgeries and I don’t think he ever applied or I don’t even remember anyone mentioning it. I will look into it though. He is on several medications that he may not be able to get term life insurance while on, although he should have no problem getting it in a couple years once he is off them (he is 44). We at least have the veterans mortgage life insurance in place and a accidental death policy in place. And knowing that DIC will cover most bills (and I also get 75 percent of his ssdi until my kids are 16) ma
  3. Thank you so much. That’s good to know. I know we would be at the 10 year mark in about 2 and a half years but it’s peace of mind if something happened before then. The veterans mortgage life insurance is also some peace of mind too until he is able to get life insurance in place. It will at least bring the mortgage down to an amount I can refinance and afford with the DIC until my children are grown. Thanks again!
  4. He was rated 100 percent P & T right at his discharge from the military. He has a permanent leg injury that requires a brace among lots of other things (TBI PTSD, etc) it actually added up to over 100 percent. I just check and his actual discharge date on his DD214 says 4/2013 (still more than five years since then. Thank you!
  5. Thank you. I am so sorry about your husband. My husband has some ongoing issues that may make getting life insurance hard for the next few years (we have the veterans mortgage life insurance after he got his SAH grant). We just wanted to know how quickly the DIC would come to me. I am assuming since he has been 100 percent permanent and total since when he got out in 2012 I shouldn’t have to prove anything even if he didn’t die from a service connected disability?
  6. Thank you. What about this part Since their release from active duty and for at least five years before death, He was rated 100 percent Permanent and total right from the start when he medically retired in 2012
  7. My husband and I are getting life insurance figured out and things we should have a while ago in case something ever happens to him. We are trying to figure out if I would get DIC if he passed away and how much. He medically retired at 100 percent permanent and total in 2012. We have been married for 11 years and have four school aged kids. Would I get DIC? How long does it take to file the claim and receive it after death? We do have veterans mortgage life insurance in place now. Would I automatically qualify for DIC or is that up to the VA? Thank you!
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