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  1. I am about to lose my job due to a service connected shoulder condition. I am currently 90%. Are there any additional benefits, such as a temporary 100% until I find another job? To add context, I am a national guard dual status technician who is being medically released becuase of this service connected condition. I will then lose my full time office job. I plan to find another job in the very near future.
  2. Do higher level reviews ever result in reductions? I have one in for PTSD. Awarded 70% but fighting for 100%. Am I rolling my dice too far? Worth withdrawing my HLR request?
  3. Thanks GBArmy, Really good information.
  4. I haven't received a rating yet. Such is pending a C and P.
  5. I have a shoulder injury that resulted in major surgery to repair. I have lost both range of motion and strength due to muscle atrophy and damage to the muscle tissue from the surgery. Are ROM and muscle damage only rated as ROM or is the muscle damage rate separately?
  6. Are previous BVA rulings effective information/ arguments to prove one's own case? I have a claim submitted. I found a BVA decision in favor of the veteran that is very similar to my own. Cause of injury, situation surrounding the event, and other details are very similar to my own claim. If these rulings are submitted with the claim or at the C and P, will they carry any weight?
  7. I have a submitted claim. My C and P exam is in the near future. I found some additional information/ evidence for my claim. Will this information be collected or considered if I submit during the exam?
  8. Greetings, I was diagnosed with epilepsy this year after a seizure which resulted in two broken shoulders. I have been considering filing a claim for epilepsy. While I do have a EEG confirming the epilepsy, I do not have any army medical records indicating seizures. However, I did have a partial seizure 2 months after I returned from Afghanistan in 2010. I was just unaware that I had experienced one. I thought it was something else. I am wondering if I would have an uphill battle trying to prove that I actually had a partial seizure while on Active Duty. My condition is now stable- and I am no longer having seizures. Thankfully. My other concern is whether the VA would attempt to come after my license via DOT due to my condition. I have cleared my ability to drive with my neurologist. He believes my condition has stabilized to the point where he believes I will never again have another seizure. I was rated at 10% for a TBI. I'm wondering if a secondary claim against my TBI would be more appropriate. Thanks in advance.
  9. Filed for an increase for what was listed as other specified trauma. (30%). Had the C and P last week. Claim closed today- and changed from other specified trauma to PTSD, and the effective date changed in Ebenefits. However still sitting at 30%. Is this a denial of the increase or do I need to wait a few days?
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