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  1. Copy broncovet, My VSO did say, if the VA says it's my fault they overpaid me to file a "disagreement" and request for it be brought before a VA law judge . Because there's proof noting I have told them about this issue. He said they should find that the VA made a clerical error and, the debt should be waived. Yeah, no lies from me to the VA, I have always been very up front with them. Never want to get in debt situation, defeats the purpose of having a nice life in retirement someday. I agree with you about the VA inefficiency in handling these issues.
  2. Thanks broncovet. Yes, I do think I'm being overpaid. I too believe the SMC S1 was only supposed to be for the surgery recover as it stated form 12/12/2019 -01/31/2021; but, I am still receiving it. I have been receiving it for over a year. My VSO and his supervisor both told me I am being overpaid and it should have stopped. I haven't received anything stating I have had a TDIU designation. I do work full-time My benefits letter states the following: VA Benefit Information You have one or more service-connected disabilities: Yes Your combined service-connected evaluat
  3. In February 2020 in eBenefits under the benefits tab the following was awarded to me after hernia surgery in Dec 2019 (hernia was a va comp disability; I file d for temp total disability for the convalescence time of the surgery; convalescence time was 30 days-Dr. Order). I began receiving the extra pay for the SMC- S1 in February 2021. My VA letter showed the showed the I had now been rated at 80% but with the inclusion of the SMC- S1 it is a lot more money than 80%. In May 2020 I called the VA 800 number and asked if I am still supposing to be receiving this amount of money with the SMC-S
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