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  1. Hi, Right now I'm 30% for generalized anxiety disorder. My question is...I plan on trying to get off my medication soon, I slowly keep getting it reduced. If I go off my anxiety medication but still see the Therapist will I have to report this to the va so they don't overpay me. This should effect my rating right? I will still be going to the therapist just won't be on meds, so will I go from 30% to 10% for not being on meds anymore. I've been 30% since 2006 and on meds. Please let me know little confused how this works, thanks
  2. When I had my first GAF scale it was January of 2007, and I wasn't on meds at the time, trying to control it without meds, anyways my GAF was 50 in january 2007, since then I coudn't control it too good and had to go on meds, paxil and wellbutrin, but they made me worse so now I'm with effexor and on levitra for ed problems and I also have my ED claim C/P exam this tuesday. I'm really not loking for tdiu at the moment or anytime soon, i would just like a little higher rating. I would really like to go to college and get a decent job someday. I'm also sorry Will, and thanks for your service as well.
  3. Hi rentalguy, it says under the diagnosis of my first GAF when i had my initial C/P exam Diagnosis: Axis I- 300.02 Generalized Anxiety Disorder 300.4 Dysthymic Disorder R/O Major Depression Axis II- No Diagnosis Axis III- Asthma, HTN? Axis IV- unemployed, financial pressures, social isolation. Axis V-GAF- 50 I am also 10% for hypertension. Thanks everyone for all the help, My lawyer just sent me a copy of my notice of disagreement and is pushing for a 70% rating at least, We'll see if i get another C/P, do you think I will?
  4. I haven't worked since september 0f 2006, my relatioships suffer with family and friends. I just thought a 50 GAF score was serious symptoms and I get a 10% rating. thanks for your help
  5. Hi I for some reason, I never knew my GAF score, and didn't know much about it, and I just found it in my record. I was given a GAF score of 50 with a 10% disability rating for anxiety/depression, where as my lawyer wrote up in my disagreement letter that a score of 50 should be at least 70%, is this true and did the VA, low ball my disability, this is all new to me with the GAF score. Like I said my appealing the original rating, within the year.
  6. Hi I have a ED c/p exam for the 29th, and I was wondering what does it entail, and what should I bring to the exam, like medication for ed, med records etc..? thanks
  7. I also have my ED c/p exam next week, does anyone know what that entails?
  8. Hi everyone, I talked to the VA patient advocate and he emailed my VA mental health provider and this is what she wrote to him and me. Hi—Listen, I just got done clarifying some things with your agent—a Mr. someone from Boston ??? Anyway, he shared your email to him with me, and I feel like crap that I may have misstated anything you told me… I hope you’ll call/come in Wed., so I can apologize, AND correct whatever I had written that wasn’t accurate—same goes for a brief note of Donna Scavones’ that I think was put into my note, or the other way around—and then was sort of up to be taken out of context… I meant for nothing to be said in your notes other than I gether this from your words, other stuff from your presentatiojn/dialogue with me, etc. I think the old medical adage—where my girl friend’s chest x-rays s were interpreted as “not impressive” by a surgeon DIDN’T mean she didn’t have an awesome chest—she just didn’t need anything—like a tumor—surgically removed!!! Soplease forgive me if I mistyped anything—I know I mixed a female relative up with your grandmother—anyway—I think things were very poorl y interpreted//or communicated BY ME, and I wrote the man back and told him so. Please let me correct whatever is OFF… I’ll wait to hear from you—This is clearly MY ERROR—but I don’t think I fouled you up, if my corrections to him make sense to him. Thanks, Mary ellen So I think the patient Advocate seemed to work, thanks for the help, will keep you posted, I got my ED c/p exam next week, does anyone know what that entails?
  9. Hi does anyone know where I can find info on the GAF scale for mental disibilites?
  10. thanks, I contacted the patient advocte for the boston area and wrote it in an email because it was long and detailed. He's supposed call back, I asked if I can change doctors because I can't trust her, we'll see what happens next.
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