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  1. Hi you all, Just went thru a C & P exam for an increase of my PTSD. I'm currently rated at a 50% so applied for IU and increase of PTSD. While reviewing my medical records in My Vet Health Site, I noticed that the C & P examiner coded me with ICD 9 - V70.3 and is listed as one of my doctors. Can someone explain what this code is all about? Thanks....
  2. Thanks Pat for the information, you've cleared my doubt. Take care.
  3. Hi Patrick, what would be my rating for the following conditions 10 % HBP 10 % Hernia 10 % Joint Condition (limited movement) 30 % renal disease 30 % chronic skin condition 50% chronic PTSD Would u please advise, thanks.
  4. Hi folks, what does it mean when a VA doctor writes "guarded prognosis" when he explains the conidition (Chronic PTSD)?
  5. Called my local DAV office to find out the status of my appeal. They checked in their system and they said BVA granted my PTSD claim but no %. Then I called BVA contact and the person there said the case was fwd to our local RO and that she didn't know the decision was. Can this be true? Why would our local DAV know the granted status and the BVA contact person not? The said it will take appx 45 days for any monetary award. Pls advise, thanks. Can this actually happen?
  6. Hi John, I was awarded the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal for "OPERATION JUST CAUSE" Panama.
  7. Just recieved a copy of the rebuttel/argument that my NSO has sent to the BVA, it's awful. First of all, the NSO contradicts the C&P evualation by saying that It's negative for PTSD, but actually the C&P confirmed a diagnosis of PTSD. Secondly, this idot says that I have multiple mental conditions. I've only been diagnosed for chronic PTSD for over 8 years by the VA. Can I send a correction (my own) to the BVA on these issues?
  8. My appeal has been sent to the BVA for a decision. Can I request copies of my C-File if there at the BVA. Will it delay or obstruct the appeal process?
  9. Just received from VARO another denial (2nd) of my Supplemental Statement of the Case (SSOC). I've been diagnosed by C&P doc's and VA mental hyg. doc's with Chronic PTSD. I've submitted statements from Senior NCO's and even my Commanding officer (Maj at the time) of the strssers and circumstances. But the RO says that all the evidence is credible but the stressors aren't researchable. What ever happen to the "Reason of the doubt" section in VA policy. Anyway, I've been avised by other vet's here at home to stop being jerked around by our local RO and to forward my appeal to the BVA. According to them BVA would most likely be more beneficial. What do u vet's avise? I have 60 days to answer the RO (From today). Thanks!
  10. I recently recived a Supplemental Statement of the Case indicating that although I'm medically categorized as having Chronic PTSD my stressors aren't verifiable. I submitted buddy statements and This week I'll be recieving a statement from my ex-commanding officer, in which he states the circumstances and orders he gave me relevant to the stressors. Do u folks think this will be enough. Please advise, thanks.
  11. I submitted my stressor describing the series of events which I encountered while in "Operation Just Cause" Panama. I was in the AF and didn't have a combat MOS. Nevertheless, I was involved in friendly fire situation and got caught in a fire fight were there were causalities. When I wrote my stressor ltr I didn't mention the actual military units involved because I had no knowledge who they were. Recently, thru Army historians Reports I found out what units were involved. Can I resubmit the stressor ltr indicating who they were. Additionally, I just received a Supplemental Statement of the case, from the RO. In which it states that the stressors couldn't be verified by the USASCURR. (Probally beacause I didn't mention the Units?) Pls advise advise what should I do? I have 60 days to reply to the RO or go to BVA.
  12. Today, I recieved a Supplemental Statement of the Case from my VA regional Office, indicating denial of a S/C for PTSD. They state that the USASCURR (United States Armed Services Center for Unit Records Research) has no evidence of the stressors. Eventhough, the RO states in it's SSOC that "although incidents that the veteran provided may be true, but they are not researchable". All the evidence I've submitted, ie. letters from military members that have knowledge of the incident, my VA Mental Hyg. Dr. confims Chronic PTSD condition, VA C&P Dr. also confirmed the PTSD condition (Chronic) during a C&P evaluation. What do I do? The RO has given me 60 days to reply. Should I keep on debating with these a....oles local or go to the BVA.
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