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  1. Stressors were in service. Started seeing VA clinical psychologist and VA clinical psychiarist, One gives me drugs the other conversations, 3 sessions so far, more to come. Was told PTSD, depression, anxiety, no sleep (and the batch of 'others', furious rage, etc.) still working on more sessions. No joy. Prescribed a bunch of medications to assist in anger management, sleep, depression, anxiety, (more). I'm a walking zombie, dont like it. Told VA doc is working on gathering more info to streamline proper diagnosis. I can view my records in myhealthyvet. How to find proof of stressors took place? Stupid answer: DD214 shows my deployment, no disrespect, just dont know how else to prove. Would this be correct? Went to a VSO. Told to work on gathering all pertent info and learn how to do write up, Hard to find possible secondary causes. Just dont know how to do it -Just dont want to screw it up. Doing all the research makes me feel super stupid. I admit, I'm misorientated . Thank you paceman/dustoff
  2. My bad let me begin again. Filed in '99 something called a 'pards' claim. awarded combined SC 50% 30% Keratoconus, both eyes 20% DDD lumbosacral spine, with disc herniation at L4-5 and L5-S1 10% Hypertension Tendinitis R shoulder and bilateral knees denied. I'm starting over and dont know how to decipher 38 CFR. Have, what i believe, medical evidence to support increase just dont know how or what to write correctly. Beyond frustrated. Stupid questions, dont know what i used to know when i did my own claim. Thanks
  3. I do not have an account, hard to trust anyone. Since '99 stupid pride, distrust, and severe frustration keep me from filing. Never ever posted anything in my entire life, this is my first. Reluctantly started seeing mental health. Was told I have PTSD after 3 sessions. Thats a work in progress. I need help refiling my claim. Please help me. Very hard to ask for help. Was told by VSO to start looking for secondary conditions to increase my claim. Honestly, I'm lost. Confused. Angry. But refuse to quit. Just need to understand the very complicated way infomation is structured and connect secondary to primary service connection. I get lost in the fray alot just searching, but would rather die than quit. How do I find the vast infomation that links the two to increase my service connection? Was told I have till June. Sent off for C-file X2 still no receipt. No joy here. Have some medical records and first rating decision.
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