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  1. According to my award letter from 2008, I have an exam in November. I am really nervous the VA will try to lower my rating. I'm currently rated at 70%. My symptoms have gotten worse overtime. The only change since then is I told my doctor last week that the meds was helping a little bit. I still haven't worked since 2008. Do they lower ratings often? it says on my last reward letter that my rating was temporary. The doctor also made comment during my eval in 2008 that he thought I was on the wrong meds. I hope they dont use the new medicine as a way to lower my rating. My representative said since this is my third exam in 5 years, it makes me percentage permanent this time. I dont do well with stress but I hope you guys can give me some good advice.
  2. That's right. He increased my score. It was in the thirty's. sorry
  3. I applied for more compensation for my PTSD in April. I had multiple stress letters and I've been seeing a psychologist once a month. I am currently rated at 50% PTSD. My new C&P examiner spent only 15 minutes with me. He didn't care. After he signed the report and I was able to look at it, He decreased my GF score to 48. I know the GF Score doesn't predict the rating solely. But, can my percentage be decreased based on this ass holes opinion? I've given up hope on recieveing 70%.
  4. After reading hundred of threads on here and seeing how difficult the VA is, I am in need of some advice from everyone. My C&P exam is in a week. I applied for an increase in PTSD and I also filled for TDIU. My life is pretty shitty but I'm sure I'll get upgraded to 70% or 100%. I'm planning on getting married next August. I've done about 1 years worth of college so far. School starts in a month. I got accepted into a Sports program at a University in Denver. I Figure the only thing I would find joy in is being a PE teacher. Honestly, should I go after this or should I just sit and wait to see if I get the 100 percent and TDIU. I'm almost certain if the VA see's I'm going to school, they will take away my TDIU and possible decrease my percentage, rating. Being 25, I'm at a turning point in my life where I need to make a decision. Is anyone out there with 100% and TDIU happy? Is that 35 grand enough to support a family, for the rest of my life or would you trade it all in to be able to work and do something you love. I don't know if the VA will decide my TDIU along with my new rating after my c&p next week or if it's a separate process that can take longer. Any insight on this would be good from yall. Honestly what does everyone think? Normally, I would wait around and see my rating but school starts in less than a month and I'm miserable when I feel like I'm going no where and doing nothing but waiting. The tough part is, I don't even know if I'm capable of working, let alone, being a teacher but it honestly scares me to not have a job and to get married and have kids and every letter I get in the mail, I will worry it's the VA trying to decrease my rating thus eventually leaving me with no direction, no degree, and no hope. Give it to me strait, What's yall's opinion. Thanks for being my family Hadit.
  5. Thanks for your help everyone. I couldn't go at this alone. I will start a list and try to gather as much evidence as I can. I definitely have fear about it because I don't know what to expect.
  6. I have a cp exam in 10 days, Im currently rated at 50% ptsd. My ptsd has become so severe that I'm not sure if I can make it through the exam saying all the things I should. I have absolutely no short term memory in which a neuro psycologist told me was due to severe ptsd and not brain trauma; this is what scares me when it comes to the questions he ask. I've been seeing a psychologist 1 a week for 8 months. I haven't worked since being fired in April for anger. The problem is my PTSD is so bad, I've thought about these events in Iraq everyday since 2003, I can't seem to extinguish whats real anymore and what I've made up. It is just like my mind is in a big fog and I've been on over 15 meds. I'm just trying to figure out how to tell some psycholoigist the same stuff in 1 hour that I've been telling my doctor for over 8 months. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks everyone. One day I'll be over all this and enjoy my life... hopefully
  7. hello friends. I am currently rated 50 %ptsd, 10%tinnitus and 10% wrist injury. I found out today that I might have a brain injury. I have loss of memory and chronic headaches. I have done some gooling on Tramatic Brain Injury (TBI) but cannot find very much info on how the rating is done. Im currently waiting for my c&p exam to increase my ptsd rating. I am unemployed also. Im applying for unemployment with the va also. To stop rambling, my question is : Will this brain injury benifit me in any way. Can I claim it with the VA? How much do people normally recieve for it? I've read only 10%. Will this help me get SSDI if I prove to have a brain injury? Any info is welcome and appreciated.
  8. I think I'll take your adivce, but I am going to quit my job. If I have sucuide intentions i will check myself in a hospital but I dont see that happening because Im actually doing ok now talking with the psycologist . Im sorry about your daughter.
  9. i can budget and hold out a year. yes. That wont be a problem. Im think of getting fired monday and starting my appeal on tuesday. Any insight?
  10. if anyone knows of any infiormation that should be included in the letters from people that could help the claim. Please feel free to let me know. thanks.
  11. thanks for the info rentalguy1 and josephine. Anymore info would be greatly appreciated. One big concern for me is if i should get fired or quit. Either way, I can't work with people anymore but it just puts you in a tough financial position, you know. I can barley survive with my 60% but i belive it is possible. My vso said it didnt really matter if i was working or not when we started the claim but if yall think it makes a difference, maybe it is something i should think about before we get started with it. thanks
  12. my psycologist does, he is the one that says that I should apply for more compensation and recomended me to the vso. He will write a letter for me. he works at the vet center for the VA so he is a VA psycologist. He does know of my job situation my psycologist does not know of my sucide attempts because I do not want to be hospitalized. Does the sucide intentions really matter? By the way, Im not going to comit sucide, I have no intentions and I am trying to get help. I've been seeing this psycologist for 4 months. I was shuffled around before that and I've seen multiple psycologist and social workers. hope this helps
  13. Hello, I am currently applying to increase my rating due to a worsening of my symptoms. I am current;y rated 50 percent. I talked to my VSO today and we decided to start the process. I currently see a psycologist once a week and he recomended that I apply for more compensation and he will write a letter on my behalf. I am about to lose my job because I can no longer function in a work place environment. Some mornings I dont even want to get out of bed. With the advice I have been given so far, I should get a letter from my boss stating that he is contemplated firring me because of inability to concentrate. 1. irritability 2. unable to take orders 3. lack of motivation I am also getting a letter from a former pastor that has known me for 10 years and who has talked me out of sucide multiple times. I have been on 6 anti-depressents and 3 different sleeping pills. My wife divorced me. I am seeking 100 percent with unemployment and I would love for anyone to tell me anything that can help me with this process and my new c&p I will have to go through. I am rated 10 percent for a wrist fracture and 10 percent for tinnitus, 50 percent for ptsd = 60% If someone wants to email me or write on here that would be great.
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