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  1. Good evening, This is my first post to this forum and i'm here because you seem like you know how to help people and possibly with enough research through this process i will be able to help others as well. A little bit of history: US Army Infantry, CIB holder, Two deployments to Iraq totalling over 26 months, Four years and some change active duty, stoplossed, other various nonsense awards issued nowadays. Recently I was rated by the VA at a 40% overall disability. 30% for PTSD and 10% for Tinnitus. All other claims were basically overlooked and given a 'Noncompensational Evaluation' of 0%. All of these injuries were documented while in the Military, however, and were included with my medical records as evidence. The other service connected disabilities I claimed and was diagnosed for are as follows: -Degenerative Disc Disease Cervical Spine c5-6 -Degenerative Disc Disease Lumbosacral Spine L5-S1 with mild Thoracolumbar Levoscoliosis -Bilateral Hallux Valgus and Pes Planus -Osteoarthritis of left great toe -Right Rotator Cuff tendonitis -Right Patello-Femoral syndrome Each of these have been proven as a service connection, but apparently I didn't cry enough for them during the C&P evaluation. What i need to know is how I should develop my plan. Should I send in 6 separate NOD's? Should I file Claims separately for each of these? I ETS'd september of last year, and under the good guidance of the VA staff on post, filed my claim before my ETS date, so as to expedite it. My question would be, If I file all of the paperwork, do I get another C&P evaluation? How long does this process take in years now that they think it's been 'settled'? Why did they overlook such evidence anyway, is this their effort to try to curtail their claim spending, or to weed out the truly injured from the people simply wanting money? I dont get it but it's fairly aggravating because ALL of the things that hurt right now physically got overlooked like i didn't even have them. Anyway, all opinions, direction, comments, and advice are welcome, as I'm trying to formulate a strategy fairly quickly to fix this situation. One last question, should i seek the help of a VA rep's office locally to help me fix this? thanks, AJ.
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