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  1. I found out that I will not be receiving the 100% temp for my 2nd total knee replacement on the same knee, the person on the other end of the 1-800 could only tell me that the VA says I'm not entitled to a 2nd 100% temp claim you only get 1 100% temp claim per service connected injury no matter how many times you have surgery on that same injury, they also told me that the CFR will explain why I was denied. I find that really odd, but I was told I would have to wait and read the letter that the VA sent out explaining why I was turned down and their opinion. They could not tell me anything more and if I wish I could see my VSO and file a NOD for the denied claim. This whole claim has taken a wrong turn in the wrong direction. So as of right now I remain at 40%.


    Status of Your Claim


    • Submitted: 08/01/2018 (Compensation)
    • Claim Closed: 10/26/2018
    • Disabilities Claimed: total knee arthroplasty (Secondary), knee replacement (Secondary), Temporary Total Disability (New)
    • Current Status: Complete
  2. Pending Decision Approval what does that really mean? and gave it a closing date of 1/11/2019 that little question mark tab does not really tell you anything, and why does it have to take almost a year just to have it sit in that "Pending Decision Approval" mode in ebenefits? 

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    2. Buck52



      Please ask all your question in one post and not make mulit-postings

      under the CLAIMS RESEARCH FORM

      All these questions your asking only gets confusing to members &the post will not be read as they may get lost in all these different questions your asking so its better to just stay in one post and ask your questions 

      Thank you and Welcome to Hadit

    3. Rhodesia


      Ok I will do that sorry about that.

    4. Rhodesia


      just looked at e benefits this morning now my claim status went from "Pending Decision Approval" 9/16/18 to 1/17/19 to "Preparation For Decision" 12/12/18 to 12/1/19 my original claim started in 7/15/2016 is the VA that far behind in processing claims? 

  3. Guess I'm not the only one on here that received a 0% rating for my total knee replacement scar on my knee

  4. Has anyone ever heard of these organizations? this is the third time I have received these notices from 3 different companies in the last month all for the same exams it's like they are competing with each other, this company is the latest one I just received never heard of them. I have read online that they never favor the Veteran because they are contracted by the VA So my question is are these company's for real because it says I don't have to pay them they bill the VA.

    Veterans Evaluation Services (VES) is currently working with the VA to assist in addressing the backlog of veterans requiring compensation and/or pension evaluations. A request was sent to us by the VA to handle your compensation/pension exams. 

  5. I have to say the VA is one messed up system I say that because I'm having more issues with my 2nd total knee replacement on the same knee service connected than I did with my first. I had the knee replacement on June 4th 2018 and now my claim has been moved to 02/25/2019 to 12/01/2019 that would mean a large sum of retro back pay for the 100% temp. the claim is still under review of evidence what more can you send, and the providers did their part sending in the very same information I sent in so now my claim on e benefits: Disabilities Claimed: total knee arthroplasty (Secondary), knee replacement (Secondary), Temporary Total Disability (New). 

  6. Ok can anyone tell me what I'm looking at here? from what I can tell it looks like they have canceled all 3 request to my Total knee replacement claim that I had to refile all over again because they denied me under 38 CFR 4.30

    • Optional Documents 11/30/2018

    Please submit any supporting documents. Include any documents that we requested when you submitted your application for this claim.

    To see all uploaded documents associated to this claim, select the "All Uploaded Documents for this Claim" tab above.

    Note: Supporting documents uploaded before January 26, 2015 are not displayed.

    • Request 1

    Due Date: Not available Status:  No Longer Needed

    DBQ MUSC Knee & lower leg

    • Request 2

    Due Date: Not available Status:  No Longer Needed

    DBQ DERM Scars Disfigurement

    • Request 3

    Due Date: Not available Status:  No Longer Needed

    Exam Request - Processing

    Thanks for any input

  7. Ok I found out I will be only getting 40% the VA took the 20% away from my 60% award for the scars from a old surgery when I had a arthroscopic done on my knee back in 2010 so I was awarded 30% for the knee replacement because in their view my knee made the injury better, so now the VSO said I must file a new claim for the knee replacement for Scars even through I already had the scars in the first place. so as it stands right now I'm still at 40%. The way it is explained to me is like when a veteran loses a hand or arm he gets an award for the injury, but when that veteran get a prosthesis then his award is reduced because it's called Quality of life, the VA made him better so his award would be reduced, and NO the VA does NOT have to notify you if they take an award away they will send you that nice letter to appeal it. I know this sounds stupid but the lady told me on the phone that the VA is making some major changes on how they process their claims. 

    This all sounds to familiar with my Malaria claim contracted it on active duty but could not show I was sick, when I went into the reserves is when I was sick and that was the magic bullet that killed my claim and appeal so my disability page says "Malaria Not Service Connected"


    As for my second total knee replacement I found out I will be getting the 100% temp for the 1 year. I should see something between this September or October for payment funny I had the surgery on June 4th 2018 and they are just now getting around to it.

  8. Ok I received my denial letter for my claim, which also was added why they took the 20% away from my disability rating for scars. The reason why is the VA has changed their requirements in service connected for scars, they are now rated 0% so the 12 inch long scar running down my leg for my last knee replacement no longer qualify s for a percentage rating but only 0%. so my disability rating page for scars for service connected went from 20% to 0%.

    The only way to get a rating on the scar if it causes Constance pain and it can't heal or there is too much nerve damage around the area but then again you have to prove that, but as of right now the VA took the 20% and awarded me 0% for my scars which were service connected. Plus the letter goes on to tell me I can appeal it and all that sort of crap. the Scar that was created while having my total knee replacement is now added into the 30% in a way you can see why the VA took my 20% rating away. Talk about streamlining the VA system for service connected injury's. The VSO she still wants me to re-submit a new claim for scars for my second total knee replacement now I have to make that decisions weather or not it will only waste my time filing the claim since my second knee scar is 1/2 inch wide and is 15 inches long and it took 67 staples to close it up this time around, I have great pictures looks like Frankenstein worked on me, LOL

  9. This morning my claim went back to Pending Decision Approval from Preparation For Decision but the dates have not change so now I have to wait until 11/21/2021. It sounds like they can't make up their mind on my claim with this back and forth, my claim has now gone on for over 3 years, and my Total knee replacement is in this claim which is service connected I hate to see what the retro back would look on that, I was awarded 30% for the knee but have not been paid it yet I assume they are waiting for the claim to close out before they add the 30% to the current 40% i'm receiving. Just a guess.

    1. Rhodesia


      Ok as of today everything changed AGAIN all in one day this time my 3 year claim now says "Preparation for Notification" with a dated of 10/11/2018 to 12/28/2018 but e-benifits still says 40% still did not see the 30% they added to my disability list . My Claim status started all in one day so it went back to Pending Decision Approval from Preparation For Decision to "Preparation for Notification" Your entire claim decision packet is prepared for mailing. so my question is would this not update in ebenefits as well? 

    2. Rhodesia


      Estimated Completion: 10/12/2018 - 12/29/2018 Preparation for Notification interesting how they moved this up by a day the old date was 10/11/2018 to 12/28/2018 this was all in one day. either someone is looking at my claim or this is just an automatic update by the computer. My last Estimated Completion: was 11/21/2021 yes the year 2021

  10. Well no big brown envelope in today's mail I'm be-gaining to think there's more to this why I'm rated at 60% and still only showing and receiving 40% for service connected disabilities

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