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  1. Thanks. I never had this problem with my first Knee replacement it only took 6 weeks to get the 100% temp and be awarded 30% disability, but now I had to have the knee replaced again with all new hardware on the same knee I did not think I would end up with this much trouble for another 100% temp again seems like this time it is being stonewalled until someone feels like getting around to it, and if they do then the Retro back pay from June 4th 2018 you would think they would try to avoid that mess.
  2. Any reason my claim just jumped to unable to provide a completion date for my Total Knee Replacement I had back in June 4th 2018? Submitted: 08/01/2018 (Compensation) Estimated Completion: At this time, your Regional Office is unable to provide an estimated completion date for this type of claim. Disabilities Claimed: total knee arthroplasty (Secondary), knee replacement (Secondary), Temporary Total Disability (New) Representative for VA Claims: OREGON DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS AFFAIRS Current Status: Preparation for Decision
  3. Everything was filed as before so nothing different has changed on my second knee replacement claim. the VSO has not been a big help this time because she calls the very same 1-800 number like all of us vets do. So I have been told I will get the 100% temp but for the VA to keep extending my claim out is just wrong for some unknown reason. I hate calling the 1-800 number because you don't get any information and they are reading what comes up on your e benefits anyway. The VA paid for the surgery all $28,756.20 dollars worth plus an additional $7,689.40 for the help and hospital care and not counting 18 weeks of therapy for the knee have not seen that bill yet. Tri West under contract by the VA under the Choice Care program paid the bill
  4. I have no ideal why I'm having so much trouble with my second total knee replacement service connected on the same knee? They did a revision which what they did was replaced the whole knee again on the same knee so I filed a claim on 4/15/2018 and the claim was lost for some unknown reason, then I filed a second claim on 8/01/2018 Disabilities Claimed: total knee arthroplasty (Secondary), knee replacement (Secondary), Temporary Total Disability (New) Estimated Completion: 12/03/2018 - 02/17/2019, the new Estimated Completion: 02/17/19 -06/15/19 they seem to be extending my claim out for some unknown reason unless they are waiting on the new budget but I doubt that. The VSO was no big help either, I did call the 1-800 number and asked if I would be getting retro back pay for the 100% temp and the young lady said that the VA has changed some of their requirements and guidelines on retro back pay but could not tell me anything more, My first knee replacement I received my 100% temp with in 6 weeks after the surgery and I was awarded 30% but Jesus Joseph Mary why so long this time?
  5. I have to say the VA is one messed up system I say that because I'm having more issues with my 2nd total knee replacement on the same knee service connected than I did with my first. I had the knee replacement on June 4th 2018 and now my claim has been moved to 02/25/2019 to 12/01/2019 that would mean a large sum of retro back pay for the 100% temp. the claim is still under review of evidence what more can you send, and the providers did their part sending in the very same information I sent in so now my claim on e benefits: Disabilities Claimed: total knee arthroplasty (Secondary), knee replacement (Secondary), Temporary Total Disability (New). 

  6. So this is what is stated in my claim on e benefits: Disabilities Claimed: total knee arthroplasty (Secondary), knee replacement (Secondary), Temporary Total Disability (New)
  7. Also my 2nd Total Knee replacement went from Knee Replacement to Knee Replacement (Secondary) the VA claim center changed it to a Secondary condition even through it was a Total Knee Replacement 2nd time around on the same knee, so I have a feeling this (Secondary) word that was added into my claim has me thinking that it will not make the temp 100% but add an increase to the 30% I'm already receiving for the first knee replacement on the same knee I could be wrong but I have never heard of a claim for a total knee replacement 2nd time around as a "secondary condition" I could not find any reference for a claim for Secondary but the claim is being processed as like I'm going through the 100% temp claim, confusing I know. anyone have an ideal why the VA added the word Secondary? So this is what my claim says : Disabilities Claimed: total knee arthroplasty (Secondary), knee replacement (Secondary), Temporary Total Disability (New)
  8. That makes sense but I have seen the VA I worked for do some really stupid crap the way they pay their bill's like milking one veteran to help pay for the other veteran while reducing cost for care so monies can be utilized elsewhere in the best interest of the VA, but that's from my experience and my opinion.
  9. No I did most of my filing on my own with success because some of the organizations that help me from the start were not in the best interest but for them self's, I only looked for a VSO this time because my claims were missing and then they took the 20% reduction rating away for scars and gave me a 0% which I found out I have to file a new claim just for the scars, after the knee replacement which is kind of dumb because My scars have not disappeared and the VA knows I have them otherwise I would not have been getting a 20% rating for service connected. I finally retained an attorney for my Malaria claim since I was denied twice he says I have a case because my records shows I contracted it in 1995 and the VA recognized it while on active duty, but the VA makes it look like I contracted Malaria in Portland, Oregon anyway that's another story.
  10. So just to understand this, are you saying that it is ok for the VA to charge my private insurance for my combat related injury's and it's ok for me to pay my own deductible in order for the VA to help pay health insurance for a fellow veterans care that has no insurance? Sounds like socialized healthcare. from what I understand and working for the VA all combat related service connected injury's are paid by the government NOT your private health insurance or am I missing something here?
  11. You should have seen what the VA facility did when I worked for then before I retired, from the VA would charge the Veteran for his service connected injury's during his visits through his own health insurance plan, like Blue Cross for example which has nothing to do with his injury's so then the VA would charge his insurance company and in order to help pay for veterans that did not have health insurance and the billing office says this was legal and the veteran should not complain because he is helping the veteran out by not having health insurance. because this happened to me so I made sure Blue Cross denied any claim the VA was sending to them for payment for my service connected injury's. Talk about scam and the funny thing is that most if not all private health insurance company's don't know what the VA is doing and they just pay the bill. prime example it took me 3 months to get the VA to return $8,000 back to Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Now when the VA asked me if I have private health insurance I have blue cross block the VA from using them for payment. I think the VA has taken a major wrong turn in the wrong direction.
  12. Ok I have a problem again, I filed a claim for a service connected injury for a Total knee replacement on 4/15/2018 all necessary paperwork including VA forms were submitted, that claim somewhat disappeared 4 months later, so I submitted a second total knee replacement claim on 08/01/2018 they have labeled it as a secondary condition claim because I had to have it done all over again to replace the total knee again I had in the first place so in another words I had two total knee replacements on the same knee., I submitted all necessary VA forms and documentations as before, this morning on 09/14/2018 I was notified that I need to submit evidence all over again and I have until 10/10/2018 and the claim was move back to 05/15/2020 (What the Hell) what I uploaded all disappeared again, plus they are asking for Tri West billing statements this time because it was paid through the choice care program and approved by the VA. that's a first. They did not ask for that the last time so I resubmitted all documentation all over again and the new VSO I went with she is about as useless as pigs with wings. So am I missing something here or is the VA trying to NOT pay the 100% temp for the second knee replacement and making it a secondary condition. I have not found anything that makes a second total knee replacement a secondary condition unless someone out that has gone through this before?
  13. Ok I saw the VSO and read the reason why the VA reduced my rating for my scars from 20% to 0% Since I had surgical scars on my knee prior to the total knee replacement the VA grouped them into the total knee replacement since the knee replacement would create scars from the surgery, the only way I can get an increase for the scars if 1. they are causing severe pain, 2. bleeding from the inside, 3. scars are not showing any signs of healing, 4. submit for an increase for the knee and hope to get 60% other than that i'm F#@ked. the VSO said she is seeing allot of the VA consolidating service connected injures into a category. I mentioned the regs you gave me and her first impression was what attorney gave me that and who did I talked to. I told her I got that information from the VA regs book since I worked for the VA. well anyway now I'am waiting for my second knee replacement claim to close out it is in the review evidence phase she did say I will get the 100% temp for the 1 year after a few calls to make sure because she said that sometimes after a second total knee replacement on the same knee the VA will require you to comp and pen before they award you the 100% temp, confusing, Trump is suppose to make this process more easier but it seems to be allot hard now. She said that she noticed that most of my conditions I claimed under the Gulf War Illness she said that most of the Gulf War veterans are staying away from that claim because they are tagged like vietnam veterans are for applying for Agent orange, I guess I should not have registered for the Gulf War, Burn Pits, and the Camp Lejeune Hazardous water illness registry for the VA. Not my fault the VA sent me these letters and found that I was in these areas and now I have 3 letters with Bar Coded numbers assigned to me from the DOD records, So I assume 40 years from now I will feel the effects of these conditions, unless I'm dead by then, LOL
  14. 8 active and 14 in the reserves 22 years total (Not counting the 5 years I spent in the (French Foreign Legion) I was informed by the retirement office I will get some type of retirement what they do is offset what you get from the VA disability if your rating is under 50% then when you get a 50% rating or higher then you get your full retirement, the 40% is what is going to kill me did not know they changed the law in 2008 where you had to have 50% or more in order for you to keep your full retirement. My cousin was in the Marines did his 20 years received his retirement from the Marines and when he filed his VA disability they just about raped his marine corps. retirement pay to almost nothing, they sent him a letter that he can only receive one disability either choose the VA or Marine corps. so he took the VA until he got his rating up to 80% and then DFAS re adjusted his marine corps retirement back to full payment talk about a screwed up system for veterans.
  15. Yea I have an appointment on the 10th with the VSO she agrees with you for the NOD she said the letter is kind of misleading funny I have never received anything yet.

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