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  1. This morning my claim went back to Pending Decision Approval from Preparation For Decision but the dates have not change so now I have to wait until 11/21/2021. It sounds like they can't make up their mind on my claim with this back and forth, my claim has now gone on for over 3 years, and my Total knee replacement is in this claim which is service connected I hate to see what the retro back would look on that, I was awarded 30% for the knee but have not been paid it yet I assume they are waiting for the claim to close out before they add the 30% to the current 40% i'm receiving. Just a guess.

    1. Rhodesia


      Ok as of today everything changed AGAIN all in one day this time my 3 year claim now says "Preparation for Notification" with a dated of 10/11/2018 to 12/28/2018 but e-benifits still says 40% still did not see the 30% they added to my disability list . My Claim status started all in one day so it went back to Pending Decision Approval from Preparation For Decision to "Preparation for Notification" Your entire claim decision packet is prepared for mailing. so my question is would this not update in ebenefits as well? 

    2. Rhodesia


      Estimated Completion: 10/12/2018 - 12/29/2018 Preparation for Notification interesting how they moved this up by a day the old date was 10/11/2018 to 12/28/2018 this was all in one day. either someone is looking at my claim or this is just an automatic update by the computer. My last Estimated Completion: was 11/21/2021 yes the year 2021

  2. Has anyone ever heard of these organizations? this is the third time I have received these notices from 3 different companies in the last month all for the same exams it's like they are competing with each other, this company is the latest one I just received never heard of them. I have read online that they never favor the Veteran because they are contracted by the VA So my question is are these company's for real because it says I don't have to pay them they bill the VA.

    Veterans Evaluation Services (VES) is currently working with the VA to assist in addressing the backlog of veterans requiring compensation and/or pension evaluations. A request was sent to us by the VA to handle your compensation/pension exams. 

  3. Wow I logged into my e benefits today and my claim just pushed out till 11/21/2021 what the hell? so I called and the 1-800 number the guy was rude on the phone could not tell me why his customer service needs improvement, by the tone of his voice I assume he has been getting allot of calls from vets about their claim backlogged so I said how or who can I talk to to find out why and he said you can't and don't brother going to your congressman or VA rep because they can't do anything to help move this any faster, so I'm thinking that it has to do if trump shuts down the government because he did tell me that if that happens veterans don't get paid I find that statement hard to believe. all I'm waiting for is my 100% temp award for my total knee replacement which now has surpassed 4 months so the VA took that claim and added it to my old claim of 7/16/2016, it was suppose to be a separate claim but from what I have been told they no longer do that any claims you entered all gets added into one claim so in another words I will have to wait just about two years to even get my temp award just for my knee replacement kind of sucks. It is still stuck in Preparation For Decision and the date was moved to 1/1/2021 to 11/21/2021, anyone else have this problem or is it just me?
  4. I just looked at e benefits today and my Preparation For Decision went from 4/1/2019 to 12/01/2020 it has been sitting in Preparation For Decision for over 4 months plus I'm not able to upload anymore documents for my claim for some unknown reason been like that for a month I wonder if the 5 years I spent in the French Foreign Legion has anything to do with it they did bring it up during my C&P exam a few years back I'm just a guessing that's all, might not have anything to do with it anyway.
  5. Thanks for the information that kind of answers the question I'm waiting for that 50% as of now I looked at My Pay (DFAS) and I see where the VA reported I receive 40% on 2005. I just had a total knee replacement on 11/30/2016 and I was awarded 30% but for some reason I'm still getting the 40% maybe this is due because they added this claim on to my current claim of 7/15/16 I assume I would have received an increase but as of right now no I was told once my claim closes then I will receive the 30% with retroactive pay from 1/1/2018 what I was granted the award for the knee. So if you do the VA math class I would receive 60%. As of right now e Benefits has "Preparation For Decision" which has been sitting there for just about a month now. Don't bother talking to the online chat or the 1-800 number what a total wastes of time.
  6. One of the retired marines I talked to said he retired from active duty with 20 years receives a retirement then he applied for VA disability and he received 30% for a back injury service connected then he noticed DFAS cut his retirement pay He said that his VA rep told him that most retires will take the VA disability instead of the military retirement because the military retirement is taxed and the VA is not he told him to try to get that 50% and that way he will get his military back to full scale and his VA as of right now he chose to take his military retirement he said he can't live off of the VA's 30%. who in the hell came up with that Ideal anyway?
  7. Yea but the retirement office told me that since I will reach age 60 I can't get my military retirement because it has to be over 50% I checked my DOD records and they show 40% they also told me until I get 50% or more then they will make the adjustment in DFAS pay system until then no $$$$$ form the Marine Corps.
  8. Sad part of all this is I have to forfeit my military retirement pay when I reach age 60 because I receive a VA disability of 40% the law says you have to receive 50% or more in order to retain your military retirement pay this also apply's to my TRiCare Prime because the VA is taking care of me so the only thing I get to keep is my grey ID card. kind of sucks in a way. funny thing when I went to my first C&P exam they had my medical records from when I was in the French Foreign Legion for 5 years. I was in the Marine Corps first then got out joined the Legion and then came home re joined the Marine Corps again. I guess they wanted to make sure I was not trying to use any injury's from the Legion and say they were caused by the Marine Corps, LOL I would not be surprised this is the reason why my claim is taking so long. Since yours started in 2008 have you have any movement? Mine is still stuck in Preparation For Decision that 1-800 number is a waste of time and also the Chat line on ebenfits as well, some of the people on there have been rude in the past.
  9. Well I assume it is at the RO not really sure I have been filing on my own, I had bad luck with using other organizations all they did was let me use their letter head and I had to make the calls on my own they would not even call all they would tell me is I know what you know they were nothing but a complete waste of time. So I did allot on my own and I got 40% within 3 years except for my Malaria claim I'm going to have to get a lawyer for this one I was denied because I got sick in reserve status and could not show I was sick on active duty, but my records do show I have malaria, it's like the VA says I could have contracted malaria in portland oregon, LOL but thats another story for another time. The only thing I was having trouble with is that my current claim was they pushed it out to the end of 2019 from Pending Decision Approval to Preparation For Decision so it went backwards.
  10. just looked at e benefits this morning now my claim status went from "Pending Decision Approval" 9/16/18 to 1/17/19 to "Preparation For Decision" 12/12/18 to 12/1/19 my original claim started in 7/15/2016 is the VA that far behind in processing claims?
  11. Pending Decision Approval what does that really mean? and gave it a closing date of 1/11/2019 that little question mark tab does not really tell you anything, and why does it have to take almost a year just to have it sit in that "Pending Decision Approval" mode in ebenefits? 

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    2. Buck52



      Please ask all your question in one post and not make mulit-postings

      under the CLAIMS RESEARCH FORM

      All these questions your asking only gets confusing to members &the post will not be read as they may get lost in all these different questions your asking so its better to just stay in one post and ask your questions 

      Thank you and Welcome to Hadit

    3. Rhodesia


      Ok I will do that sorry about that.

    4. Rhodesia


      just looked at e benefits this morning now my claim status went from "Pending Decision Approval" 9/16/18 to 1/17/19 to "Preparation For Decision" 12/12/18 to 12/1/19 my original claim started in 7/15/2016 is the VA that far behind in processing claims? 

  12. Funny eBenefits now says my old claim from 7/2016 says "Pending Decision Approval" and they estimated close of claim on 01/2019 only took them 2 years this claim has nothing to do with my issues with my 2nd total knee replacement service connected and trying to get the 100% temp for the 13 months. So I have never seen a Pending Decision Approval statement so I take it that this will tell me if I was award serviced connected or denied right?
  13. Well don't fell to bad I was surprised I was turned down for Malaria by the VA because I contracted it on active duty so noted in my military health records but did not get sick until I went back into reserve status, thought I had the flu at first but the Balboa Naval Hospital in San Diego kept me for two weeks and treated me as as an out patient because I was not on active duty, and as always nothing was entered in my service record. So the VA informed me by letter that I have to be on active duty and show that I was sick and being treated on active duty so in another words they were telling me I could have caught Malaria in Mexico for all they care as the old saying goes in the VA if it was not documented it never happened. having Malaria is like having the Flu 10 times fold that's the only way I can tell people. well what ever you do think about it before you have the knee replace because it's all about the quality of life.
  14. The first knee replacement went ok, the worst part is after the pain pump is empty that's when you really feel the pain, I was on Morphine for the pain, and after one year I fell and damaged the knee replacement and had to go through another total knee replacement this is called a (TKR Revision) which means they are replacing everything that was installed again so I'm on morphine again. the second time I ended up with 60 staples this is due because they are opening an old scar tissue up best way for it to heal is with staples so I look like Dr. Frankenstein worked on me. The VA rep said I should put in for a secondary for the right leg since I have been using that leg more of support so I have wear and tear on that knee, but I don't know because the VA turned me down for having Malaria imagine that. if you have the knee replacement look on you tube they have allot of videos of the operations that will show you what you can expect. As for my condition now with my knee replacement I have lost about 30% of mobility this is due to the second replacement. I put in for an increase because the VA gave me 30% but the max for an increase is 60% for any knee replacement. Good luck
  15. I have a question I just had another Total Knee Replacement (Revision) service connected on my left knee this June 4th 2018 I applied for a 1 year temporary 100% disability one month prior to the surgery with all the paperwork including from the VA approving another knee replacement and Tri West under the VA paid 100% of the claim on the same knee. My first knee replacement was back in Nov of 2016 I received the Temp 100% for the 1 year instead of getting an increase the VA took 20% away from my knee and gave me 30% so I still ended up with 40% I should of been awarded 60% so now I'm still at 40%. My question is am I entitled to another 100% Temp for 1 year with my second knee replacement? for some reason my claim says it was pushed back until 1/19/2019 and it has been under review since then with no change. The VA has been sent all required documents x-rays, photo's of the surgery just about everything you can think of I sent in to boost my claim as required. My last knee replacement it took the VA 3 months in order for me to receive my 100% temp for 1 year, now I have a feeling this second replacement is going no where. But I did receive a retroactive back pay for the first claim 3 months later that is. I did spoke with someone from the VA and I was informed you only get 1 100% Temp for a service connected injury no matter how many times you go in to have surgery on the same injury, she more or less said I'm lucky that the VA is paying for this. She said the VA sent me a letter explaining why I won't get a second 100% Temp award for the second Total Knee Replacement and why they took 20% away from me when it was awarded in 2010 had something to do with the knee before I had the Total knee replacement. so in asking this question am I or am I not entitle to another 100% Temp for the one year because they did another Total knee replacement on the same knee? thank you

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