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  1. I had a comp exam PTSD/MST from a doctor who completely degraded me to the point that the Dro called and apologized to me and said" we did not send you to that doctor to be victimized again you so we are sending you out for new comp exam..does anyone know of it is possible to have that comp exam removed from my record and pending claim?
  2. KC3 Thank you and I pray That GOD blesses you as well.
  3. Hi Wayne Tx, My claim was initially filed in Houston but once I opt in Ramp it was transferred to Phoenix..unfortunately I was denied on June 28th..So I will have to file another appeal. Good luck to you I hope you win your case. The struggle continues!
  4. Tk3000 I agree 100 % the same thing happened to the so called higher level DRO denied me for exact same reason the last denial was made. They did not follow the law....SAD!
  5. Hi Asknod Can you please give me the (colorado) private shrink contact information Thx
  6. Hi Asknod, Great information..Who does your nexus letters?
  7. My Attorney had a telephone conference with the DRO Junec19th. We were told a decision would be made with two weeks!
  8. Kc3 I chose HLR so they can not order a Comp Exam or additional information...if you chose the supplemental lane they request additional information.
  9. Wayne Tx Will do!
  10. I selected The higher level review with the informal conference (Telephone call with DRO) April 5. I checked Ebenefits yesterday and Status says Pending Decision Approval. I check online and what I understand is a decision has been recommended and is now waiting for a supervisor signature. However, I'm confused that a decision has been recommended and neither me or Attorney has Not spoken with the Dro. Btw I'm happy my claim is getting worked. Any ideas as to what's going on?
  11. I selected The higher level review lane with a informal conference April 5. I checked Ebenefits yesterday and it says status: Pending Decision Approval. I'm happy that they are working on my Appeal but I'm confused how there has been a decision made and neither me or my lawyer received a call from The DRO. Has anyone else experienced this situation.. I'm not sure what to think.
  12. Hi, is there any update as of yet? How did the informal conference go?
  13. So I selected HLR my original claim was filed in Houston..I had a DRO hearing back in 2015 but she denied me again. Now that I'm in. Ramp does it stay in Houston? If so will it stay with the same Dro. Any information would be appreciated.
  14. Hi oceanbound, I also hired Gloverluck let me know how it goes and I will do the same. Good luck!
  15. Unique11128


    Thank you for your response

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