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  1. Buck52 Va guidelines state the compensation level is determined based on the highest level of symptoms checked. Rather than the number of symptoms at a given impairment level. Although I can understand why you think 50% maybe 70% because we all know the VA don't follow their own guidelines. I hope that we all get what we deserve. Unique11128
  2. Hi Swag It looks like 70 % but if Total occupational and social impairment box was checked I would have have said 100%. However the box for inability to perform personal hygiene was checked and that should be rated 100%. Not sure why he didn't check total occupational and social impairment was not checked. Please let me know how it turns out. Good luck
  3. Navy4life I also have PTSD/MST and I have diagnosed with FIBROMYALGIA. How are you linking MST to FIBRO?do you have a nexus if so may I have the doctors contact information? Goodluck! Unique11128
  4. Paulstrgn I also was denied higher level review. I appealed the decision to the BVA. The letter I received from the Va said the BVA would start hearing cases from Ramp on 10/01/2018. So I'm confused about the Feb 2019 date. Unique11128
  5. Unique11128

    MST C&P exam contradictory

    Finajones I had the exact same thing happen to me. I made the mistake by requesting another Comp Exam. They granted another exam and got another opion almost identical to the first report. So I suggest you don't ask the Va for another Comp Exam..Get you a IMO it may cost you some money but at least you will hopefully get the benefit of the doubt..Meaning one Va comp exam and private exam...In this case the veteran should get the benefit of the doubt. Good luck Unique11128
  6. Hi oceanbound, You can call Julie or Adam they both have access to see what decision is in the system even though the claim is still pending decision Review. Goodluck! Unique11128
  7. I was recently denied in the Ramp HLR. I found the NOD and received a letter from the VBA stating we have received your NOD received and docketed. There was no docket number meantioned. My Attorney told me that there are 125 appeals to the board from the Ramp and half of them are going to a hearing so because I choose the lane not requesting a hearing I should be high on the list when they began in OCT 1st. Has anyone gotten there actual docket number for Ramp yet? Will we be in a different docket system from the legacy docket system ? Unique11128
  8. Berta I thought about you when I read this earlier and before I could post it you beat me to it :). I myself am a MST survivor My claim was denied (RAMP HLR) in June 18...This is uplifting for me not only will they have to review every denied MST claim from 2016 through 2018. They now have to have a 90% accuracy rate for all MST claims...I feel that we should leave no soldier behind meaning all of the previous MST claims regardless to when your claim was denied. The claim deserves to be reviewed. May GOD help us all because we all deserve closer. Unique11128
  9. Unique11128

    RAMP questions

    Hi Buck2, Unfortunately, I was denied I chose the higher level review and the DRO missed several things in my record that were clear evidence to grant my claim. 2 weeks later after the denial a Rep called me and said they took a look at my claim and that the DRO should have granted my claim...but nothing I can do now but appeal to the BVA...So for me it was a quick denial..I'm not trying to discourage you but I think they are trying to meet a goal of completed our claims within 125 days and they are not taking the time to go through the records properly before denying the claims. I hope you have a more thorough DRO GOOD LUCK! Unique11128
  10. Unique11128

    DENIED SSD Initial Application

    Hi Grumpbox, Seriously, normally everyone gets a denial from SSD. I took me 2 denials before getting approved. Don't worry about the Dec 2018 deadline as long as you file a appeal in time it's all retroactive to the date of the original date of filing.. Keep your head up! Unique
  11. I had a comp exam PTSD/MST from a doctor who completely degraded me to the point that the Dro called and apologized to me and said" we did not send you to that doctor to be victimized again you so we are sending you out for new comp exam..does anyone know of it is possible to have that comp exam removed from my record and pending claim?
  12. KC3 Thank you and I pray That GOD blesses you as well.
  13. Hi Wayne Tx, My claim was initially filed in Houston but once I opt in Ramp it was transferred to Phoenix..unfortunately I was denied on June 28th..So I will have to file another appeal. Good luck to you I hope you win your case. The struggle continues!
  14. Tk3000 I agree 100 % the same thing happened to the so called higher level DRO denied me for exact same reason the last denial was made. They did not follow the law....SAD!
  15. Hi Asknod Can you please give me the (colorado) private shrink contact information Thx

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