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  1. Also I used Attorney Julie Glover...Gloverluck law Firm in Dallas Tx. Goodluck!
  2. I believe Dr. Valette offers video consultation's. I received 100 P&T with his help.
  3. Dr. Valette is an expert in MST claims. He will look at your c file for markers related to Mst/ PTSD. He is in Colorado but does do phone interviews for Va claims.
  4. Sounds good what percentage are they reccomending it be raise?
  5. I am a PTSD/MST survivor and I too have FIBROMYALGIA interesting I never thought of it being connected to PTSD. I guess because FIBROMYALGIA is a nerve condition after doing research on it perhaps it can be service connected or aggravated. If I were not 100 P&T I would definitely file a claim. Goodluck keep us posted
  6. Guys I am pre 911 if I apply for caregiver will I have another VA Comp exam or can I use my Private Dr. Unique11128
  7. Yes, The effective date is the date I filed. So yes it was correct. Thanks everyone! As James Brown says "I feel good" Unique11128
  8. Berta I followed your recommendation to see Dr V. For a Imo/Nexus I'm so glad I did. So I want to personally THANK YOU! NEVER LEAVE A SOLDIER BEHIND! Unique11128
  9. Unique11128

    SMC S??

    I was just rated today 100 PTSD P&T I already was rated 60 for other conditions not related to PTSD and the rater without me filing for it granted me SMC S1 ..So if you have 100 plus 60 percent in multiple disabilities he should be good.. Btw how much is SMC S1 per month?
  10. I am so excited to share the outcome of my appeal. I am 100 PTSD and 60 for other service connected disabilities. I was also awarded SMC S 1 housebound. Not sure how much HB pays. I am so happy it's been a long time coming. I want to thank each and everyone of my HADIT family members for all of your support. NEVER LEAVE A SOLDIER BEHIND! Unique11128
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