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  1. adkins7b

    SMC S??

    Nevermind.. he put secondary shit
  2. adkins7b

    SMC S??

    its hard to tell but as a matter of fact the first c p exam put it as direct service related not secondary.. On ebenefits its listed as secondary..
  3. adkins7b

    SMC S??

    sorry pasted wrong ones first two c. Rationale: My opinion is based upon two factors. His medical records do not provide any correlation between his documented symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea and the development of anxiety and depression. In fact, his symptoms of anxiety and depression pre-dated the onset of his symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea. The diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea was made in 2009. While he clearly suffered from undiagnosed symptoms of that disorder prior to that, his symptoms of depression and anxiety nevertheless occurred prior to the onset of his symptoms of a sleep disorder. Additionally, during the meeting today, it became my opinion that the veteran's anxiety and depression are not the result of his obstructive sleep apnea.
  4. adkins7b

    SMC S??

    Asknod here's the next question does this apply for smc l aid and attendance? If I won aid and attendance for depression would I get the half step for sleep apnea?
  5. adkins7b

    SMC S??

    I might hold of the war drums just yet, not sure what the hearing doc put in but vso said reffered for bilateral hearing loss after i won tinnitus.. still have not recieved paper work.. if i win 50 percent hearing them maybe let it go.. I have just filed a claim for hearing loss a few days ago
  6. adkins7b

    SMC S??

    This is the one i won he put secondary to sleep apnea but stated it was mentioned in my period of service that is honorable.
  7. adkins7b

    SMC S??

    getting ready for a fight going file nod.. still havent recieved paper work but my depression should be direct not secondary.. it didnt get diagnosed until my oth periosd of service same as sleep apnea.. but i went to shrinks and doc complained about sleep cried in front a shrink but fear getting kicked out never went back.. ok had two c p exams for depression.. the other will not allow me to copy paste heres what one guy said.
  8. adkins7b

    SMC S??

    I won sleep apnea then i filed depression secondary won.. I am tdui soley of depression nod said something about secondary but the regulations dont say anything. I have it. depression tdiu 50 percent sleep apnea 10 percent tinnitus. they told me file bilateral hearing the c p examer i guess put something related to service.
  9. adkins7b

    SMC S??

    dam the depression is secondary to sleep apnea? Well the hearing doc must of said something because vso said that the va has reffered me or something they want me to file bilateral hearing loss. But the tdiu is soley on the depression or that doesnt matter.
  10. adkins7b

    SMC S??

    My tdiu is based soley off depression then i have 60 VSO said i need a seperate one rated 60. I told him thats not correct and read his own information he copied and pasted to me about smc S. I copied the secetion that says disabilitiy or disabilities. It just closed so i'll have to wait for paper work and ready to fight them some more. The important thing to keep in mind here is that the disability for which you are receiving TDIU must be entirely separate from the second service-connected disability (or disabilities) rated at 60% or more
  11. adkins7b

    SMC S??

    depression tdiu 50 percent sleep apnea just won tinnitus 10 percent is this smc s?
  12. I cant remember and curious what you guys have noticed lately
  13. Ramp claim just closed a couple hours ago on ebenefits no change on ebenefits does this mean i lost?
  14. Claim just moved to pending decision approval I thought at least another 30 days now i'm thinking 1 or 2 weeks tops. Its for smc L a and A. 25 august to 10 sept now as estimate.. was 28 sep to dec something.
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