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  1. I cant remember and curious what you guys have noticed lately
  2. Ramp claim just closed a couple hours ago on ebenefits no change on ebenefits does this mean i lost?
  3. Claim just moved to pending decision approval I thought at least another 30 days now i'm thinking 1 or 2 weeks tops. Its for smc L a and A. 25 august to 10 sept now as estimate.. was 28 sep to dec something.
  4. I filed ramp april 23rd closed june 19th.. The idiot vso changed my form from supplemental to higher reveiw then try say i did it.. it was all done via emails.. but i just let it go.. they denied it because would not look at new dbq from doctor.. New ramp filed supplemental june 20th.
  5. Hi adkins7b, Thank you for your donation! We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks Tbird/Veterans Affairs Disability Compensation Benefits Forums - HadIt.com Veterans
  6. ramp closed april 23rd a decision was made now I can see it back on ebenefits.. its waiting for final approval of that decision but now its back on ebenefits thursday 14th june with estimate completion by july 15th.
  7. If you google, there are stats 55 percent approval rate so far on the ramp cases.
  8. I opted into ramp 45 days ago and the VSO that actually sounds like he knows what hes talking about said as of now 59 days is average for his office on ramp.. When i first submitted he told me 39 to 69, I'm just repeating what he emailed me just last week.. The 59 days is what was told to me in an email last week. If you call the number or message on ebenefits no answer, but they are moving quick 120 tops worse case it looks like. Im actually glad so many people are afraid to use ramp. My claim was a simple mistake by dr on the c n p because i'm overseas and they used that to deny me.. I have had him redo it and should be find now.
  9. Yes there was an online petition going around, this is something i'm behind also. I did 10 years and didnt get medically retired should have. I think we should def be entitled but need to make some political noise i think to get this going.
  10. i will try to upload it soon.. Yes my plan is to have the same doctor redo it.. The problem was he put bi polar ptsd and some other stuff social Axiety.. I am not service connected for any of them.. I am service connected for general anxiety.. He said due to my depression I need help with hygene cooking medication manegment and a few other things.. So now he basicall put all the same inforemation but at the top in the axis part.. he put only major depression and general anxiety.. He also put a not that it has been updated using only service connected disabilites.
  11. thanks I read alot of your post on here.. NO there are others out here.. The doctor that i was sent to has done others I didnt ask how many. I wish i did now i'm curious too. Yes they pulled some bs, I filed the smc L aid and attendance because somedays weeks months i'm really bad.. I didnt think i qualify but after reading on hadit.com I think I do.. I thought had to be housebound or whatever.. Ok guys i'll keep you up to date my nod is put in. One of my friends said trump passed bill to speed up appeals.. so we will see.. E benefits told me 18 to 2 years
  12. 12 of december 2017 so its only been a few months.. I just left the vietnamese doctor office they sent me to.. I am living in vietnam.. I talked to vso or whatever on phone.. he said just fill out the nod once i get a new dbq.. I had the doctor put just my depression and anxiety and put he correction the form only listing my serivice connected disabilites.. and still says because of my depression is so bad and anxiety i need help with taking care of the place making meals and hygene shopping.. I will be uploading everything soon.. What do you think?
  13. Sorry, somtimes my thoughts are not clear when i type. I never had A and A, I am trying to get A and A smc L. The doctore stated that i need help and have help and listed the things i need assistance with but I am living in vietnam and its not a docotor that usually handles these.. He listed non service mental health and listed social instead of general anxiety and the VA denied it because nothing listed was service connected. I am going back to doctor monday to have him feel it out again only using my service connected disabilites. which depression is a major part and he puts it just not at the top in the axis part.
  14. I lost Aid and Attendance, the doctor stated that due to my mental health i need assistance and the areas.. The problem is i'm in Vietnam and this was not a doctor familiar with va.. The va sent me to him for C P.. Well he didnt put my service connected depression and anxiety general.. on the axis list.. Anyway he listed Social anxiety instead of general.. The Va denied the claim after getting one of there guys to write a bunch of crap.. I am going back to the doctor monday to have him redo the Aid and Attendance with only usuing my service connected disabilities. My question is 18 to 24 months is what i'm told.. Part of me thinks to just file a new claim? I'm not hurting money wise so to wait a few years would be ok too.. Any advice?
  15. claim fnished now, I think i lost because memory loss was added to my depression and anxiety i dont think it said that before on ebenefits but cant remember..lol my claim finished yesterday does anyone know how long to see it update on ebenefits. thanks

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