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  1. smc math

    you guys amaze me all the time.. yes migraines 50 percent and sleep apnea 50 percent.. thank you so much.. My depression has gotten worse, where i need someone around because i'm a mess and my place will just be trashed along with me not taking care of myself and getting out of bed for days at a time some days.. plus i just cant seem to keep things in order or eating healthy on my own.. so i applied for aid and attandence after reading what you guys have put.. so i was just curious if i get 100 for depression 50 sleep and 50 migraines what it would be and if aid and attandance.. it should be comeing bak to me in about a month.. just had c and p exam .. thank you guys so much with out you icould not figure this out.
  2. smc math

    If you have one service connected at 100 percent then two 50 percents what smc would you be.. do they still use the va match after 100 percent.
  3. e benefits question

    My claim just completed yesterday.. ebenefits now shows migraines secondary to sleep apnea on ebenefits but does not show a percentage and does not have a date. But it has an arrow showing that it is secondary. But it still says non service connected the claim was just decided yesterday but that part is updated. just curious opinions on this?
  4. Question about Caregiver Program

    ok I think that you have to have a pension which i don't i did 10 years i'm a 911 veteran. I think i read caregiver is for pensions people that recieve them?
  5. smc s and Aid and attendance

    I have a hell of a record my mind comes and goes .. it seems as i get better life loves to toss more at me to test me..lol Ok do I have to have smc S to get smc L. I really do need the help and am paying out of pocket, it just depends on the day or week or month. I go days or weeks with hardly any sleep is the most problem and well you guys know.. but sometimes i'm just fine.. anyway thanks again.
  6. smc s and Aid and attendance

    ok guys, its been along road but again thanks for this site it litterally saved my life. Anyway i'm really out of it.. guess i've been this way for along time.. now its the no sleep for days at a time.. i'm going try fix that and make myself finally use the cpap.. My question is i am 50 percent sleep apnea 70 depression anxiety tdui pt. so i get paid 100 percent.. I really do not function well on my own and need help especially when i go in my ruts.. the place just because bad.. u get the point plus having someone around to help out just to talk with helps.. I filed migraines secondary sleep apnea . i think i'll win i have a nexus that will put me at 160 i think i'm so confused.. if you can understand my babbling.. whould i get smc and extra money to pay someone to help me out. I"m currently paying out of pocket but living outside us so its not as bad.. thanks everyone I filed that aid and attendance but the whole smc s or l stuff confuses hell out of me.. so any help i would appreciate
  7. Question about Caregiver Program

    I have just filed for aid and attendance. I am fine physically but have alot of mental issues and need someone to help me maintain myself and the house.. anyway i dont want to go into that.. but what is the difference bewteen aid and attendance and smc t caregiver? i'm confused i never heard of caregiver program?
  8. OK i have requested my entired C file and its saying one to two years on e bennefits and i put in for aid and attandance around same time is saying june to november of this year.. are they both correct i know ebenefits can be wrong but sometimes its been dead on with wait times.. can anyone chime in if they know what current wait times are.. should it take longer for a c file.. i mean 2 years i think bit crazy but i remmber when claims where taking 2 years not so long ago.. thanks guys
  9. va travel pay

    I already have some sent it just they dont sell winter jackets down here.. i have my family sending one.. it will be here soon.. thanks i'll be ok i just dont want go inpatient in jamaica.. i've been stressed out with the holidays and other things here.. i really appreciate it. im ok fiancially was just curious how the travel pay would be because i never go home for some reason especially in the winter. i'll be ok thanks u guys.. i just got to hold out.. i have a few friends checking on me.. i'll make it i know the va will get me right again.. it was just i dont know.. but i know they will get me straight again.. thanks again..
  10. va travel pay

    I have already bought the ticket.. they dont have the va they have a foreing medical for just service related stuff and some of the medication they dont cover plus mentally i'm not doing good at all.. i would leave tomorroe but i dont even have a winter jacket or clothes for chicago i'm leavein in a week i bought the ticket.. but i just remembered about travel.. its fine either way but i'm coming for that just the holidays really got me and my jamaica shrink just doesnt get me i feel or knows how to help me..plus i dont feel comfortable with him.. its too much to type i bought the ticket already its fine either way.. thanks for any help
  11. va travel pay

    Jamaica does not have a va if you read the travel requirements it states to the nearest va that is in miami florida.. My family lives in Illinois.. The only foreign va is in the philippines.. there is a foreign medical program that reinburse me for service connected disabilites only.. but I need to go to a va hospital.. So i dont think more or u know the answer hopefully someone does will post. thanks anyways
  12. I am gratefull for this site but its been a long time since i've used it but its harder for me to navigate with all the adds.. i really like the old format just my opinoin.. anyway i am currently living in jamaica and not very well... my family is in freezing chicago but i am getting a ticket i really am having a hard time adjusting to life with my new wife here in jamaica.. i am curious about travel reinbursement.. i dont care anyway but that is the reason i'm coming back the holidays combined with alot of other stress.. i really need to get to a va and if i go home i can staay with family to help with cost.. does anyone know how this works? its fine if i cant i just remember getting travel reinbursemtn in us.. again this site saved my life when i was in a bad place.. and contiinues to.. thank all of u.. u have no ideal how bad i was and sometimes still am.. god bless the people that keep the good fight up
  13. I filed to remove my ex wife they sent a stop of payment the very next month I did it on ebenefits august 4th.. my claim completion date is Estimated Completion: 05/15/2017 - 03/04/2018 ... I remember when claims took 2 years but I guess the first date has been shortedned then what first applied just looked at it again.. I know each Va office takes a different amount of time. I was out of Norfolk VA and maybe I should have waited but i just updated my address to Jamaica tonight so i dont know if that is going to add time. I would appreciate If anyone knows estimate of current claim times.. I uploaded the divorce paper work and we do not have children i read online that those should be quick if dont through ebenefits. Thanks for help and advice.
  14. Berta, Hello I know you are one of the experts on this site and maybe you can help me.  I am going to be getting married in Jamaica to a non us citizen. I am current 100 pt and wanted her to be able to use the chapter 35 benefits for school.  I called the 1800 number twice yesterday and two people told me she needs a social but could not or would no tell where they are getting this information.  I just called again and another guy actually tried to look it up and could not find any information and was not sure and told me to try and get a letter from social secuirty saying she can not get one.  I was wondering if you have heard about this and if it is possible thanks

  15. I do not plan on bringing her to the states at this time so we are not filing the paper work.. I am hoping someone has had this issue and can let me know if i can add a dependant withou a social security number.