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  1. Ken1

    Bva Status

    I am still waiting, but do know that in Feb. 14 they pulled all my medical records. Hanging on to # 4
  2. Ken1

    Bva Status

    In my case, I did not ask but the Judge volunteered the info about getting it done within one month. My Attorney estimate Jan/Feb and now past that mark. Ken
  3. Ken1

    Bva Status

    At the BVA Hearing the Judge stated he would get my claims done in one month. Now that'sonth ago.
  4. Ken1

    Bva Status

    Thanks to Carlie
  5. Ken1

    Bva Status

    I should add that the claim has been with the BVA Level 4 or BLJ since Oct 1, 2013 but no activity or updates in the last 6 weeks. Before that every week or two it would be noted that the claim was with the BLJ. Ken
  6. Ken1

    Bva Status

    My BVA Status has been stalled at Level 4 or with BLJ for over 6 plus weeks. Is this common? Thanks Ken
  7. I do have an Attorney with 20+ years exp with the VA in claim process. By Christmas time I should have a gut feel Thanks for the replies
  8. Have upcoming BVA hearings in FL what should I expect? Thanks in advance for any replies
  9. Thanks guys, I started my claims Oct 2007 ~ present understand its a long time process Ken
  10. 18 months ago, I had a DRO hearing and have sit quietly waiting the results. This week I called my senator to have someone with in the group to check status of my claims. My appealed claims are with the rating specialist Once the rating specialist completes their part, will the DRO hearing officer review rating or with be open to any DRO officer? The senator’s office with recheck status of claim in 45 days. Thanks for any replies Ken
  11. Thanks for the replies, I do have a statement from my doctor (also an ex vet) and list of chemical with health risk in my "C" file. I just did not know the %. Thanks Ken
  12. What is the compensation for Prostate Cancer? I am confused. I was in the Army 1964 ~ 1967 but was not in country/ Vietnam. But during my duty station assignment in FT Lewis, WA I was exposed to Herbicides and Pesticides. For years (40 Years) I believed it was AO but DOD claims no AO used at Ft Lewis. But during the time 1.5 years I was exposed to Pesticides used to kill insects and weeds on a live fire training range. That we demo to trainee two times per day how an Infantry Squad would advance with 5 men laying down cover fire. Fast forward 1997 Prostate Cancer surgery to remove Less than one year later 1998 Prostate Cancer has returned 7.5 weeks of radiation treatments. 2003 PSA is rising and I now have Reoccurring Prostate Cancer. I was a patient at National Cancer Institute or NIH in Maryland where every 4 weeks I would fly to NIH as a patient for new cutting edge treatment for Prostate Cancer. I was on two different protocols looking for the wonder drug to cure Prostate Cancer. In 2007 I completed my 21-526 and one claim was for Prostate Cancer I been to the VA hearing process a few months ago. What is the compensation for Prostate Cance?
  13. SInce I started this thread we are now nearing 6 months without any responds from the VA.
  14. Thanks for the replies, the replies give me some idea of a timeline. Ken

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