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  1. C&p Exam Lasted About 10 Minutes

    Finally after 38 months of tons of research on Hadit and letters to senators and representatives and endless appeals and classes and meetings with clueless people about combat and the horrors of reliving it almost nightly for over 40 years.....TDIU awarded 100% total and permanent . I would like to say THANKS for all the help and advice from all my Brothers and Sisters here at Hadit..and for all of you still fighting the good fight I say STAY AFTER IT and...... Semper Fi
  2. C&p Exam Lasted About 10 Minutes

    Pete I have been told that you need a 70% rating to apply for Tdiu and I only have 50% PTSD..not sure about mental health records...but have been seeing mental health and attending classes for about a year now.I had a head wound in 69 and when I filed my claim I also filed for tinnitus.They said I didn't have a ringing in my ears...how in the heck can they tell me that....I hear it all the time
  3. C&p Exam Lasted About 10 Minutes

    John, you may be right...it is just so hard for me to deal with this crap...I noticed a lawyer has a link on this site..has anyone used him or where could an old Marine fine some legal help on this matter...
  4. C&p Exam Lasted About 10 Minutes

    Berta, I am 50% for PTSD and haven't worked in about 2 years...I am on meds for night mares and anxiety since my 1st eval...Just called my VSO and she hadn't had a chance to look at my latest C&P report and I feel sure she got it the same time I did a week ago...says next board hearing is in Feb2012
  5. "Even though you meet one or more of the criteria for a higher evaluation ,and a gaf score of 43 ,your over all evidentiary record shows that severity has not increased...the exam was on a Friday afternoon.I emailed my VSO a week ago and still have not received an answer about what to do next...I have lost all faith in her and have had several heated exchanges with her about her lack of feed back and NEVER a reply on emails sent to her office..This was my 2ND C&P....have a hearing scheduled before the board of appeals sometime in the near future..not sure when..I have asked her for a copy of all material sent by her office to the VA on my behalf and she says she will not do this...Should I TRY to find another VSO..currently with Military Order Of The Purple Heart..I receive 2PH in Nam in 69 with 1st MarDiv ...I really NEED some help on this ..just at a lost of what to do for now..
  6. Ptsd Increase Denied

    Thank for the insight into a complex issue with the VA.How something so simple can be made so complex...only in the government..Started my new med last night .not much change but I know it will have to build up in my system..I need to send a statement to the VA to extend time for filing an other appeal.My VSO at the MOPH says I need to schedule another C&P exam..If the people at the VA only knew how hard this is on all of us to go over all that horrible stuff again and again.I sometimes wish it would all go away.....and me too.However I will not give up!Not until ALL my options are done.If yall have any other suggestions please give them to me.I need all the help I can get and I thank ALL of yall for the help you have already given...thanks Brothers and Sisters...SEMPER FI
  7. Ptsd Increase Denied

    I agree mobie it sure is
  8. Ptsd Increase Denied

    carlie..I'm sorry I deleted that info already..There is no mention of the tinnitus claim in the paper work from the VA.I have scheduled a meeting with my VSO at MOPH tomorrow.I have requested a copy from her of all material sent to the VA from her office on my case.I was denied tinnitus earlier and we file a NOD for the PTSD and Tinnitus,however it was not mentioned in the last information from the VA.That is why I want to see if it was filed by VSO..Funny thing about that damn tinnitus is I still have the ringinGGGGGGGGGG in my ears.I'm not sure how they can tell me that I don't...Cause and effect then and now thanks ...good idea..SEMPER FI
  9. Ptsd Increase Denied

    Thanks john I plan to find a private Dr soon for that reason.Thanks for your advice...Saw the srink at the VA today and got new meds..to follow up in 4 weeks with an other appointment.I still plan to see an outside Dr all this is under a time line of 60 days to file an appeal based on the paperwork the VA sent me DTD 7-8-10..Alot to do with not much time.. any other ideas or things I should do?...Thanks again
  10. Ptsd Increase Denied

    Thanks mobie and carlie for you input on my claim..The advice sounds good .I have an appointment in about 3 hours with srink..I'm so stressed I've got to get some help...---...SEMPER FI
  11. Ptsd Increase Denied

    "cue" got it and thanks
  12. Ptsd Increase Denied

    carlie I noticed you do clue research..I filed a nod should I have filed a clue?
  13. Ptsd Increase Denied

    thanks carlie
  14. Ptsd Increase Denied

    thanks Kelly and I haven't as yet filed an appeal..I wanted to regroup my thoughts and get some ideas for support of my claim