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  1. Nevermind...I found what I was looking for, and it looks like I will be paying into the VGLI, rather than SBP. Thanks, Nichole
  2. Can someone tell me where I can find useful information on SBP? I am under the impression that VGLI may be the way to go for insurance coverage, but would like to do a little more research on the SBP beofre making a final decision... Thanks!
  3. and the verdict is in...damnit!!! I was rated as 30% by the Air Force and am being placed on Temporary Retirement, from what I have read, I will be receiving 50% of the base pay regardless of the 30 rating, I do have the option to appeal, but am not sure I want to stare the "gift horse" in the mouth. My ultimate question is...can I go ahead and apply for VA disability while on Temp retirement...or do I have to wait until I am either "officially" retired or seperated? MANY, MANY THANKS! ;)
  4. Well...I should know my fate by the end of this week! My MEB is taking place and I should know very soon, if I stay or go...keep your fingers crossed that I get my wish and get my seperation from the service and get sent home to live happily ever after with my husband and two beautiful kids that I hjaven't seen in 5 months now! Then...I'm sure the "war" with the VA will begin! ;)
  5. Greetings... I can tell you from past experience that if you can FIND a Dr. that will actaully diagnose you as bi-polar...hang on to him/her. Dr's these days KNOW how to "word" your disability. And they are well aware what a dignosis of bi-polar causes...and they are very wary of placing that diagnosis in medical records. I have a brother that had to go through 3 years of appeals to get a bi-polar rating and it came from a VA Dr. 3 yrs AFTER he was discharged from the service. His GAF score was low, and his 3 year series of "torture" he was finally rated as 100% service connected. And...did I mention that the congressman were involved in this decision...? Good Luck!
  6. I am going to check this out! Thank you!!! Respectfully, Nichole :P
  7. ok...my next question...how do they come up with the percentage? I saw the table of percentages...however, I have some medical issues, that I don't see covered on that table, how do they justify what percentages they come up with? And...if I am offered severance pay on my way out...do I have the option to decline or is it something I have to take? Many Thanks for all of the very useful info! It is much appreciated! :P
  8. Greetings! WOW...I am so overwhelmed, with all the support that I am getting from everybody...Thank you all so very much! Question...what is the difference between the military disability evaluation system and the VA disabilty ratings? I am on information overload! But it is much appreciated. B) Many Thanks! Nichole :P
  9. Thank You! So am I! I just wish she knew who I was...I had to leave her when she was 18 months old to serve oversees. There is 6yrs between my kids. They certainly do complete me! :P
  10. Oh my goodness...I hope you don't think I am upset! Not at all not in the least! I had my tubes tied last year, when I was 28, I have medical problems, and almost wasn't able to have my 2nd child, and being pregnant with her, was a risk in itself! But I just had to have a baby girl...and I was truly bllessed ! She and I almost didn't make it. It was suggested by several Dr's that i do not have any more children, and the chances of being able to carry a baby to term was slim, so I opted to have my tubes tied. Yes...it was the best decision...but knowing that I could never have any more children...sad. I don't think it's appropriate that people make comments about your "manhood"...thats not fair. No worries David! It happens, and there is nothing you can do about it! Cheers! :P
  11. TESTVET I hate to soudn completely ignorant...but I am a bit confused now...when you say I will have to pay the severance back...what exactly do you mean by that? Because I am looking at about $52,000.00 in severance, if they decide to discharge with severance...they hold all of my VA checks up until that amount? Am I understanding this correctly? What is the difference between a medical severance and medical retirement? I was told that medical retirement may not be right for me considering my TIS. My MEB, is for OCD, hyperthyroid, and hypertension. But I have other issues that i would be collecting disability for...along with the OCD, hyperthyroid, and hypertension. My god...THAT SUCKS!!!! DANG!!!! How the heck do you survive??? Thanks for the heads up!
  12. I wish that's all I had to worry about, when I was 22 yrs old, I had cervical cancer removed, when I was 23 I was diagnosed with alopecia, when I was 28 I had to have emergency surgery to have my gallbladder removed, when I was 27 I had breast reduction surgery due to back problems, and neck problems, not to mention the migraines caused by the weight of my breasts pulling on my neck, when I was 21 I was diagnosed with OCD, and depression, when I was 27-29, I was diagnosed with hypertension, hyperthyroid associated with Graves disease, oh and did I mention the heart and kidney meds that I have to take as well as anti-depressants...that don't work anymore because I have been on them so long, thyroid pills, and sleeping pills...oh and hyperhydrosis...(excessive sweating) and blood pressure meds. I'll be lucky to see 50-60% disability! Oh..and I am active duty air force, have been for almost 11 years, and am being discharged because the Air Force can't handle all of my medical problems, lucky me they are sending me to see a neurologist before I seperate so they can "officialy"diagnose my migraines!!! And...I get to see a Dr. next week to have my arthritis and carpal tunnel checked out!!! And let me add to the list that I am married, and I am currently serving on a timy little Island in the middle of the Atlantic called the Azores Island, Portugal, and I am here without my husband, and without my 7 yr old little boy and 22 month old baby girl...oh...and she doesn't even know who I am because I left when she was too young! So...just when you think you have problems...there is always someone else out there that has it worse! BUT YES...SHE SHOULD GET DISABILITY!!!!
  13. Greetings! I am Nichole~Jeanettes daughter! I am currently awaiting the my medical board results, my MEB pkg, was just put in the mail today the 24th of Jan from Ramstein to AFPC, Randolph AFB, Texas. What I do know as of now, is that I cannot fill out the VA comp paperwork until I am discharged from the service, and cannot even start collecting benefits until after my official date of separation, lucky for me, my husband is Active Duty Air Force, and I will become his dependant. It appears that I will be medically discharged with severance pay, and sent back to the states, as I am currently serving oversees. I have allready obtained copies of all of my medical records (both volumes) and will not be able to attend the briefing until I know what my discharge date will be, and get back to the states. I have been diagnosed with OCD, depression, hyperthyroid, hypertension, and take MANY pills! All of my "problems" are service connected, and did not exist prior to my coming on Active Duty. I have done MUCH research and I know that before I can be awarded VA benefits (disability) my records have to first be reviewed. Do we know how long this process takes? and what can the expected outcome be?
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