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  1. Sorry Carlie I am not sure what could have caused this I only scanned docs to a thumb drive and then onto my computer will try another thumb drive. Let me know if you can read these? Thanks John999 I know no CH35 benifits were given b/c I am not P&T yet but thanks. Bruno Thanks for the heads up on doc personal info. I was told by field examiner about retro and recieved a letter a few days after now attached hope can open. I need someone to help do VA math for 100% SC to see if there is something not right. Fid people stopped direct deposit and sent dis comp by check for 2 mths now. My wif
  2. Sorry wrote a whole page and it went bye bye before I saved it attached are some docs with SC %'s please look and see if there are any errors in Calculations I have lots of questions so bear with me please. I have multiple injuries all combat related currently at 100% SC ( scheduled not UI )temp until 05/2015. How to fight for P&T before 2015? Is that is why no A&A? or grants auto/home was given? Need medical for kids and wife if eligible? If so how do we continue for it? I got SC for 100% on June/1/2010 so just changed the SC date to June1/2009 and have been with holding $1103. pe
  3. I was never issued a PH for taking light shrapnel wounds and have TBI/ seizures from falling in a spider hole while running through a mortar attack. I have a NCO that is trying to put me in for one. I need to know the forms we need to fill out. A lot of my records were lost but I have several lay statements that back up the attack. Any advice this is above my head???????????
  4. It was not that I never recieved a purple heart it was the fact that I was never put in for one. I have my NCO who is willing to put me in for one but. I need to know what forms are needed to do so.
  5. Let me first start off by saying thank you to all the veterans no matter how long ago it was you served. Thank you for you sacrifice and heart for this country. May God bless you all!!! Well my name is Joshua Holm let me first start by saying I am a proud Iraqi freedom of 03-04 with 4ID. I am a father of two wonderful children and today is my eighth wedding Aniversary to my gem my wife Crystal who has literally been there for me through thick and thin. Well I am almost 27 and I went to Iraq in 2003 with 4ID in June 2003 we were doing house to house raids and there was someone in the roof of
  6. I just got a rating decision from the VA giving me 50% for PTSD. I am still waiting on a decision for Sezuiers and tbi (which i think that they may combine),depression,and A&A. So without this other stuff I have 210% disability which they still rate me at 90% how? Also I am in a wheelchair due to my tbi and seziuers and my wife takes care of me i am not helpless but I can't perform my duties as a husband without a little help. They have put me in for reg A&A after a decision is made how would I get this increased to R1? My doctor filed out th form my wife has to drive me, the va just t
  7. No sir I did not recieve a Purple Heart, I have recently got in contact with a fellow soldier who pulled out of the hole and took me to the medics. He is willing to put me in for it and he is still active. I was told he would have to fill out a DA4187 . I did contact my Sentors office they said since I have lost records of the incident and all i have are lay statments from my Pltn SGt and squad leader that I need someone to recommend me for it. I have that but I can not find anywhere on what forms to have them fill out. Could you please give the forms that would need to filled out to continue
  8. I can fax a copy of the decision and current claims I just don't want to let everyone see them. My personal email is soldierofchrist4id@yahoo.com
  9. I was given SSA b/c of TBI and seizures. I never got a medical exam and there were no service records due to the fact of them being lost while over seas. The VA knows I have SSA and I have never been treated for seizures before my fall in Iraq. I had lots of symptoms of TBI but never knew what it was. They told me it was migraines. I went from 196lbs to 127 due to my injuries. I am just know holding a steady 170lbs. I was never treated for the TBI until 2008 which leaves a 5 yr window since the fall in Iraq. How do I file a 1151 claim and who do i need to contact? I am tired of the run aro
  10. So how do they look at this in order to grant A&A my dr told my wife to get the form and he would fill it out for me. I had a brain injury that happened in 2003 but wasn't treated until 2008.
  11. Ok thank you I have several seizures and curently can't drive due to that and i am in a wheelchair and this is third time being in a wheelchair. this time since May of 2009. My wife drives me every where. I am not currently in school due to health flare ups mainly seizures. I am retired through SSA but not VA. How do they rate the SMC or A&A?
  12. OK thanks what about the A&A? What would i probably recieve in my condition? How to raise it if they try to low ball me?
  13. It is for a mutiply things no I am not working. I am currently in a wheelchair due to TBI issues. Am a combat vet that is now retired through SSA not VA. 50% sleep apnea 30% both feet 30% left shoulder 20% lower back 30% both knees more just forgot Still waiting on ? TBI Sezuires 100 out right or UI Depression Dental trauma PTSD
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