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  1. I had SC Right knee surgery about 8 years ago when I was in the USMC. Over the years I continued to have pain in my right knee, sometimes hearing crunching noises when I bend down, I was deployed a lot and just didnt think much of it. Well I got out two years ago and have been having knee issues in both knees now, on top of that I have never been able to run like I used to before the surgery and now I can barely run at all usually due to the pain and maybe due to mental weaknees of thinking I might hurt myself. I'm only 27 and i'm worried I might being damaging myself. I am going to the VA tomorrow for the first time to talk about health benefits and compensation...my main concern is getting it fixed if it has been damaged again. I had ACL complete tear and two meniscal tears. Thats all in my MED Records My questions are since the following is not documented in my Med Records: How do I relay to the VA person or during and exam that I believe my left knee is damaged due to the over-stress it took since my right knee has never been good to go since the SC injury/surgery? I used to be a rock hard healthy Marine and in great shape but in the last three years due to running less my blood pressure and cholesterol has gone up scarily high. Is this able to be connected to the SC injury? I never ever had this issue in my life, my cardio-regimen was superb but I now barely can do any cardio anymore. I lift weights to stay in shape but it's not the same as it used to be. My last two question are what does ACL tear and Meniscus Repair rate these days pecentage wise? Also, am I entitled to use the VA hospital to get back to good health again? Thanks for the help folks!
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