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  1. Hi, I'm trying to locate Gulf War Veterans who developed GWS following their deployment in the Persian Gulf War (1989-91). We're doing a study to see if some of these individuals may have an infectious disease (Blastocystis) that's causing the symptoms. We've been working through the Oregon American Legion office, and VFW branch, but so far only have about 7 vets. For the study, we'd need about 20. There's no charge for the study. Vets would have to answer some questions and submit a stool (fecal sample). The stool sample will get mailed to a lab that analyzes these things. There is some information on this web site (http://www.bhomcenter.org) along with audio and written testimonials from people with this disease. We've completed 5 studies on mostly civilian patients with the infection from Oregon, Egypt, France, and Turkey. The web site has a link to the National Institutes of Health Pubmed databse with the study abstracts, in case anyone would like to read those. I can email copies too. The co-authoring scientists have been associated with the USAF, US CDC, China's CDC, Pasteur Institute, WHO, Cairo University, and others. The studies will help us determine if the work that's being done on this disease in the civilian population could be applied to veterans. If you're an ill veteran, and would like to participate, please let me know. If you have connections to any veterans groups, or can send someone our way, that would help too. The veteran studies are tougher than the civilian ones because vets are spread out all over. Oh yeah, I'm not just the researcher - I'm a patient too (since 2003). Thanks, Ken Boorom Phone: 815-572-9701 e-mail: director@bhomcenter.org

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