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  1. 25thinfdivpio

    Delay In New Agent Orange Presumptives?

    the consensus on another forum is that Webb's amendment will not change anything. what is the consensus here as to when compensation might appear and will it be retroactive to application or ruling? I think ruling.
  2. 25thinfdivpio

    Delay In New Agent Orange Presumptives?

    Write your congressperson a letter on paper, not email. Get everyone you know (civilians particularly) to get on this big time. Truckloads of snail mail will get this done. (the bigger they come, the harder they fall...Jimmy Cliff)
  3. . Claim for PTSD filed in September of last year. Parkinson's added in March of this year. C&P exam for both, on Thursday, the 6th, (May). Questions...Does anyone know if the new AO presumptive rulings have taken effect? If not, when and why C&P? I really appreciate any help here.

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