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  1. Thank you for your information. Will review that info. I am probably not going to resubmit anything addtional on this claim. I'll get all the doctor's results from these tests and other ones I didn't mention and symbit another claim I guess once I receive this rating which will be after I am retired. I was hoping soemone would know of a way to slide the addtional evidence per say into the current claim for consideration but with beauracy that may not be possible. I am going address the comment about the finacial affairs through their auomated system that one is bugging me.
  2. Thanks. I am not being boarded though. I've beenn through my medical final out processing and cleared by medical to retire. I really got lucky not being boarded. Even with over 19 years in I didn't want the anxiety of having the air force's medical system's claws in me right before I'm trying to retire.
  3. Hello Everyone. I am very close to retiring from the USAF and have completed the exams at the VA. This was under the BDD program. I have several questions concerning these progress notes but i will limit it to 4 for now as I have so many issues. - I cannot cross my legs and this was noted by the doctor. I didnt' specifically claim this on the claim form but it is a problem related to my hips, and that medical problem was claimed on the form. Will the VA include compensation for that problem even if I didn't specifically claim it - but the doctor at the C&P wrote it in the C&P notes? This looks to be a 10% rating. if not, would I include it on another claim in the future? - I was recently diagnosed with Ménière's disease. My service records reflect, vertigo, migranes, ears ringing, pressure etc etc ... and 3 hearing tests one done by the VA during my C&P notes loss of low frequencies. I was referred to an ENT after the C&P exam and he had the same test results 2X, put me on maxide and then sent me to a doctor of otolaryngology for more specialized treatment. He is putting this in writing as a serious degree of this. I didn't know I had that diagnosis when I submitted my claim, I only claimed symtoms (the tinitis, vertigo, etc). My guess is I won't receive a Ménière's rating without the recent paperwork and diagnosis. Should I try to have this included on this claim since I am still active duty and won't officially retired until December? I am in the lull between the C&P exams and retiring/having a DD214 to submit. Another idea I have is to just not impede progress on this BDD claim, let it ride, get my rating, then submitt another claim right away? - There is a section that addresses if the servicemember can handle the financial affairs and it's answered 'no'. I think this may be a typo as none of the information in the context of that paragraph supports that. I have a anxiety/depression driven C&P and that says verbatim that I CAN handle my own financial affairs. Am I missing soemthing? What would be the best way to check on this without throwing a wrench into my current claim? - There are exam and xray notes from an orthopedic doc that state I have femur bone growth and degenerative arthritic cysts in both hips. Larger one on the left and a crack w/one started on the right to be exact. I'm in a hell of a lot of pain,walk funny and everything. This doctor showed me these things on the xray and I saw them with my own 2 eyes. During my C&P the Va did an Xray and claims to not have seen what the orthopedic doctor did. This is a big difference in that my hips are my chief complaint. The ortho doc said i would need a hip replacement when I couldn't bear the pain anymore but I was too young to get one now. What happens in a situation like this? This is a clearly wrong and the comment on my progress notes say they didn't see that in the xray? This issue affects my gait, ability to cross my legs, my mobility, and other things that are being recognized on the progress notes. So would the rater go with the VA's xray tech assessment of my condition or would they consider the orthopedic doctor's? If I get lowballed on that one I think it would be a CUE or maybe I'm wrong. My claim was long and I had many issues, I wouldn't expect it to be without some things that didn't look right. i just want to know how i should address these issues that are a concern for me. I appreciate the help fellas. And thank you.
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