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  1. My health is not good and I have serval diagnosis Glomerulonephritis, bilateral hearing loss and glaucoma. I'm currently receiving 30% for the Glomerulonephritis and was denied the other claims in 2009. I appealed the and its currently being reviewed. The Glomerulonehritis was diagnosis during my service, the hearing loss and glaucoma did not manifest itself to 10 years later. I'm hoping I will prevail with my claim for glaucoma with vision loss. My glaucoma is from recurrent irits (inflammation). My servie records show that I was treated for iritis 3x during my service. My doctor provided me with a letter stating that recurrent bouts of iritis led directly to Glaucoma. Does anyone think this is enough to be granted a claim for glaucoma with special monthly comp? I'm working on gathering more medical facts leaking my other diagnosis to my service. My doctor thinks I may have Sacoidosis, which would explain the inflammation in my kidneys, hearing loss and glaucoma. The problem with the diagnosis is that my chest xray is normal. Has anyone had a diagnosis of Sarcoidosis with the above symptoms?

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