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  1. The Remand portion of my remand has been completed. It had been on the raters desk since 12 Jun. At least thats where I was told it was every week I called. The C&P was completed in May and all files were returned to the AMC. All that supposely had to be done was to rate the other findings, nerve impengment right and left sides due to Spinal Stenosis and rate me for TDIU. The examiner stated due to current problems and flareups I could not maintain employment. I'm already at 70%. I guess their waiting to see what Buyer is cooking up to throw another wrench in the system.
  2. What in the #@%& is a rating overflow room!!? I just called the AMC for status of my TDIU claim and was told it was in the "Rating Overflow room where they can take up to 180 days to rate it". Is this something new they have come up with to delay claims ? I don't remember reading anywhere in the Adjucation process where this ROOM is mentioned. Need some advice before I really loose it this time. Thanks in Advance Wayne (TAZZ)
  3. I was wondering how the person that turned in the laptop knew what info was on it if it wasn't accessed. Also is it possible to tell if info has been copied?
  4. I applied for IU and SSDI at the same time. The SSA sent me to a Doc that did exams for the SSA. I applied in Mar 2000 and was approved in July 2000 retro back to Jan 2000. From what I've read about the problems a lot of members have and are having with the SSA I got lucky. I did take some of my VA Spine and Knee xrays. He also took some of his own. Said I could no longer perform the job of Correctional Officer.
  5. John999, I agree with you 100%!!!!!! ANYONE considering this program BEWARE!!!! You know how tricky and low down Mr. Buyer is. Could be one of his underhanded tricks!! WAYNE
  6. Here's one for you!! I was recently increased from 60% to 70% back dated from Feb 1 2003 to present. I was given the same thing about concurrent receipt and crdp. I said ok, I think I understand this crdp thing but what about back pay from Feb 1 to Dec 1 2003, since crdp didn't start until Jan 2004? I talked with the people at crdp, regional office and the AMC. NO ONE could give me a straight answer. I received increase letter Feb 14 2006 with the award amount, amount withheld, monthly entitlement, payment start date and reason for changes. I'm yet to receive any corrospondence from the finance center at the AMC explaining a breakdown of pay. I'm told were not allowed to speak directly with the finance department and all the reps I've spoke with that said they spoke with the finance department have given me different answers. Crdp said their records start Jan 2004 and everything else is on microfiche. I would have to request an audit, in writing for and audit before 2004. In fact, everyone I spoke with avoided 2003 until I brough it to their attention. I'm in the process of writing a request and I'm also going to send an E-Mail on the VA site. This is the only way I MAY get a correct answer. I'm almost positive I should be paid for 2003. Anyone have any other ideas?????? Wayne (Llewellyn)
  7. I agree with Bertha. This seems awful convenient. I smell a rat. I think everyone from Nicholson on down should be fired. I know this is not the military but if a ship is involved in an accident, The Captain is responsible whether he is on the bridge or in his rack and would more than likely loose his command. So lets just see how this plays out. By the way, think he might be working for the Commision? LLEWELLYN
  8. Hello Hadit, Haven't posted lately but continue to read posts. I received an answer from BVA on my six year old claim. Approved right knee arthritis due to left knee. Approved for GERD due to meds taken for arthritis (0%). Rating increased from 60% to 70%. Increase for lower back Spinal Stenosis with nerve root impengment, increase for left knee and TDIU were remanded to the AMC. I received a call from DORN VA HOSPITAL, Columbia SC for a C&P. Was told to "Come on down". I live about 70 miles away but if they offer you a C&P the same day you take it, well, if you can. I couldn't beleive I got a C&P exam this soon, Two weeks after receipt of letter from the AMC. By the way, my increase was back dated to FEB 2003 so I guess I should get a little change. Thanks to the info here I've been able to work my own claim. Things should have progressed sooner but VARO Columbia sat on my first remand for about two years, but what can you do when we all know they don't follow their own rules and regs. Lets keep up the fight and get what we deserve. LLEWELLYN
  9. Hello Hadit, Haven't posted lately and hope everyone is well. I received a decision from the BVA Feb 15 on my six year old claim. Service connection for GERD granted 0%. Right knee disibility caused by Left knee 10%. Overall rating raised from 60% to 70%. Increase for left knee, lower back and TDIU remanded for further development. Received a letter from the AMC stating they would be doing the development for the remand but work on those items would not begin until the paperwork for the increase is completed. Please allow 90 days. (still waiting) From what I understand there is no retro CRDP. Which means I will lose whatever little increase in CRDP I would have got for the months prior to the month DoD is notified. Is this correct or have I confused myself? If I'm correct then this is another tatic being used to cheat us out of more much needed cash. I E-Mailed the Veterans Affairs Committee and asked "wouldn't it be correct if the VA notified DoD the month the increase is approved so the veteran wouldn't lose that pay since VA pay is retroactive and sometimes takes months to issue?" Oh well, I was just thinking if the right person read this it just might generate a few questions. I know I'm only one disgruntled disabled Vet, but who knows. If one shot can start a war, well --------------------------. WAYNE (LLEWELLYN)
  10. Received a letter from the Appeals Management Center saying two of my claims has been approved and allow 90 days for payment. development of the other issues in the remand won't begin until those 90 days have passed. Has anyone heard of this or is this something new? I've never heard of such. I hope not but I 've just got that feeling my remand is going to end up with the (remand kings) at the RO Columbia SC. We all know remands are supposed to be expedited. My last one was at the RO for two years. Expedited, huh? Been waiting six years now. Guess all I can do is continue doing what I've been doing all along. Cursing and talking about the way things should be. By the way, the letter also mentioned another C&P for my lower back. I'm taking Epidurals which helps a lot. How can the examiner do the exam when the pain is not there? The MRI's show severe Spinal Stenosis with nerve root impengment both sides radiating down both legs, left testes, accross the entire lower back? Confused Thanks, WAYNE (LLEWELLYN)
  11. Believe me there is no "coding problems" or "mistakes". If you have private health insurance the VA will bill them and they will pay for visits for service connected disibilities. I've been throught it all. I was told by the VA clinic that they are allowed to bill your private insurance for your visits for SC disibilities. I had Blue Cross Blue Shield when I worked for the State of South Carolina and was rated 50% which all of my care should have been covered by the VA. I called The Insurance Company and told them the situation. They said they didn't care. If they received a bill from the VA they just paid it, no questions asked. When I became to disabled to work my wife put me on her insurance (same company) the same thing happened. I had her drop me and the VA has taken care of everything since. Even now, if fact today, I went to Dorn VA Hospital Columbia SC for an Epidural and the first form they gave me was an insurance form. I just signed the form and left the rest blank. I understand the importance of private insurance for a lot of vets who just don't trust VA medical care. I've had a few problems also but I was promised that if you are 50% or greater all health care and meds are free. I am not going to pay the outragous preminums for my age (54) and all of my disabilities are service connected. I haven't had to pay any copays either. SO if you have private insurance and you can find a way to get the VA to stop chipping away at it please pass it on for the other vets getting ripped off. WAYNE (LLEWELLYN)
  12. Found this while browsing. Don't know if you have it yet, so if not here it is: http://www.vamrc.com/calculator/vetcalc.ph...0=0&A11=-&C11=0 WAYNE (LLEWELLYN)
  13. I received two letters recently. One was the same generic letter from the RO Columbia SC saying they had received my claim for benefits. This was from my approval for GERD and Right Knee for payment from my appeal. The other was from The AMC saying they are developing my Remand for other increases and TDIU. This is my third Remand for this six year old claim. My question is, has anyone elses Remand been developed by the AMC? I thought all claims Remanded from the BVA went back to the RO and the AMC was just a holding area? WAYNE (LLEWELLYN)
  14. I finally received a reply from the BVA on my appeal. I was sc for GERD and Right Knee due to Left Knee disability. REMANDED for TDIU. Wants new C&P exams for Left knee, spine for nerve root compression and opinion for TDIU. This is my third remand in six years. Well, it's not a denial so I should be thankful, right? I,m currently Rated 40, 20 (left knee) and 20 for 60%. I can't seem to figure how bi-lateral percentages are figured. Is there a schedule like the combined rating schedule? I'm guessing no more than another 10% for each one. I didn't know if I should post this under success stories or not since it's a remand. Can anyone give me some idea how to figure this? THANKS
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