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  1. In brief, I'm one of those blessed few who have had a majority of good experiences with my VA providers. But right now, I'm at war due to an incompetent MD in the V.A. emergency room, who could not only diagnose an obvious back problem (even though I was recently post-discectomy), who misdiagnosed me as having a blood clot with no signs or symptoms or relevant history, AND the final straw - refused to send me for an MRI even though I requested one and had many signs and symptoms indicating the need. I pursued outside help, got an MRI, got the emergency surgery I needed to prevent cord damage, and now I'm fighting for payment for the MRI (although it is possible I may end up fighting for the consult and surgery, because even though they were approved, I had the procedures before the valid dates, since this whole thing was an emergency, hence my going to the emergency room in the first place.) Part of preparing for my fee basis battle and senatorial complaint, medical board complaint, JCAHO complaint was to obtain my ER records. I was enraged when I read them as they were crap. Fiction, ommissions, and lies. Likewise, a triage nursing note claims I asked her to "authorize local treatment", when the truth is that she told me to get to a local ER, and I educated her that I was 100% and couldn't do that. I didn't just start in this system, so I certainly know who to ask for fee basis authorization and who not to. I was told I could dispute my medical record (by the clerk in fee basis, of all people), which I would like to do. But nobody seems to know how to do this, or so far, no one has been willing to tell me. Part of why this hacks me off so much is that I had worked for years as a health care provider and I never falsified a record, or ommitted relevant information, and I spent my last year working (before my PTSD/Depression won that battle) at this VAMC. I had a very good opinion of it overall. That's changing rapidly. Does anyone know if you can contest the content of your VA notes, and if so, how?

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