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  1. I really appreciate the responses, thanks for the information and advice
  2. Carlie, I have not. If you have knowledge of anything I mentioned in my posting please respond to that as that stuff is what I'm most concerned about. Not trying to be rude, but I'm not looking for someone to tell me what forms to fill out until I know the above, which is what I'm terrified about, ergo, knowing which form to use doesn't help me at this stage. Thank you, Random person
  3. Diagnosed with MDD (major depressive disorder) and told I probably have PTSD (which can apparently only be diagnosed at C&P). These are due to a MST which occured in service. How much detail do I need to go into? Can I just write down what happened before I go in there, hand it to them and let them deal with it as I do not want the embarassment nor do I want to feel how that conversation would make me. I have a GAF 30-40 every time I talk to any of those VA ____. Also diagnosed with pyschosis and alcohol addiction (catagorized as in remission). I've heard from other vets that PTSD C&P is basically them making you relive every moment, watching you cry and lose it, doing this multiple times, and then months later they often were denied anyways when it was apparent they had it. Moreover I'm terrified that if they rate me high enough that they will make me come back in every 6 months and relive things which have ________ every aspect of my life. Is this how it works, or please give me a little bit of hope and tell me that once I do my C&P that a re-eval would be just confirming I'm still _____ rather than just doing the C&P over again.
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