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Stolen Valor

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In a previous post I had reccomended that every Vet ought to read this book to get an idea of some of the Opinions on Disabled Vets.

I must retract that statement.

This guy just goes on & on about all the Phony Vets who have been SC.

At first it seemed sort of intersting as I was seeing it from a different perspective.

Then it got boring & then just dumb.

The Author say's he was in Special Forces & can spot a phony right away.

Granted, in an Adminstration as big as the VA there has to be some who are drawing Comp. & don't deserve it.

But, according to this guy just about everyone of the Vets drawing Comp. are just to Lazy to work & want to drink or do drugs & there is nothing wrong with them.

He just keeps harping the same thing over & over.

He ask's " Why doesn't every Combat Vet have PTSD?"

But, every person is an individual & being so are affected differently by events in their lives.

But, he makes no mention of this or any of the Scientific Studies done & say's he has known people who were not Vets get Comp.

He must have went to another VA because this is not the one I dealt with.

Every thing was paper work,paper work & more paper work.

He talks of Vets taking white out & changing their DD 214's & then recopying them & getting comped.

He speaks of Vets claiming to have been POW's & this is never checked by the VA.

Just my opinion, but, it makes me wonder who backed him on writing this book.

But, I am reading "Waiting for an Army to Die" again & it seems more like the VA I have had to deal with.

So, to all who may have read my post saying they should read this book I apologise. This book is garbage & makes one wonder about the Author & what his agenda was in writing this book.


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  • HadIt.com Elder

Think about this GW Bush gave him an award for writing that book and all the "good" work he has done. Outting phonies is is commendable but this other garbage he spouts is just that garbage, he sounds like Nicholson that "PTSD is curable" show me in the DSM4 where it says that? Did Sec Nicholson have a epiphany?

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I think the RAT Ba!!A!D should have spent some time in the infantry, he would have a different outlook that looking through the eyes of SFs. I don't believe any of the SFs ever encountered large numbers of the enemy in Vietnam the way the grunts did. He probably was also assigned to do civil action as were most of the SFs in Nam and did not hump day in and day out and fight whole regiments of NVA. So that is why he doesn't have PTSD and on the other hand I was told that if you don't have PTSD from combat it means you were already crazy to beging with and that's why it doesn't bother him at all. So it would be safe to say the cat was previously nuts and still is and that explains his not having PTSD symptoms.

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  • HadIt.com Elder

I know he's crazy, somewhere I read he took a complete set of golf clubs to Vietnam, excuse me how many grunts took their golf clubs? did they fit in the ruck sack ? I don't think so. If he was a officer he spent 6 months field and 6 months in Saigon.

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