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  1. OK I asked how to get sit back up to have current messages sent to my E mail address. got an answer but I can't seem to make it work. Would it be possible to have one of the Moderators E mail me & I can give them information to get on my Hadit site & sit this up for me Thank U GARY gdsnide@hotmail.com
  2. I have read where Pot helps prevent this GARY
  3. OK I like to get new messages sent to my E Mail I have sit this up before but due to circumstances beyond my control it doesn't work now I have been told before how to sit this up but once again my memory banks fail to respond properly. In order words my memory sucks So, if someone will tell me how to do same I will be forever in your debt Thank U GARY
  4. T Bird Thanks for the instructions. I checked what I think I needed & will now wait & see if I clicked the correct ones & if not will review checked items & figure the ones I want GARY
  5. I recently had to have my Computer reformated & I'm not signed up to Hadit like I was So, how do I sit it up again to receive new messages from from claims had it but forgot how to reinstall Thank U
  6. Gary again Forgot the time question.. It took me over 9 years & I had to have a Lawyer
  7. This is Gary Schneider I'm rated 100% T&P Also, have an SMC of L Hope thats of some use
  8. Matt, I have no idea what U have but I had nail Fungus along with Athletics feet so bad my toeNails would only grow our so far & stop & start building up till where I could feel my boots I had on so I started off using a knife on the damn things & then started using a dremel to grind them off OK.. What I found out is that "tee tree oil" will get rid of the toe crap & also works on Athletics feet. I have my nail fungus just about cleared up & have had no out breaks of Athletics feet for a long time I apply this stuff every evening & in the morning & will g
  9. Don't forget the 10k Insurance Policy a Vet can get even if they get 0% compensation..........GARY
  10. OK...It took me about 9 years to get 100% T & P ( SMC-L) & if I had never found hadit that would have never happened 1st 8 years or so was before I found hadit & once I found it everything fell into place. I still used a Lawyer for backup but I am very gratiful for the Assistance I found here & always will be GARY Also I got back pay for all the time theyplayed games with me. Like I was told from when I very started trying to get comped. U only lose if U quit
  11. I've been dealing with the VA for appox. 15 years. I can honestly say "I have not been treated rudely by any VA Docs. But, I am not discourteous to them either. I never give them a hard time & I do have a lot of questions for them that always get answered. If I have any special requests it seems they do all they can to help me. As for over crowding what can one expect for a Medicial establishment that has so many patients. I was even in on the Dental Snafu in St. Louis, Mo & I didn't get excited & start a lot of trouble. I was told to come in & I did & I was checked. As fo
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