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(uk) Landmark Gulf War Syndrome Ruling

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I believe the US, VA medical system is still calling GWS an "undefined illness". ~Wings

Mon 31 Oct 2005

(UK) Landmark Gulf War Syndrome ruling

A former guardsman has won a "landmark decision" for a Ministry of Defence pension based on Gulf War Syndrome.

The Pensions Appeal Tribunal (PAT) decided Daniel Martin, 35, of Luton, should be given a disability award, using Gulf War Syndrome as an "umbrella term" to cover his ailments, which are attributable to his service in the 1991 conflict.

The test case could now help hundreds of ex-servicemen. The National Gulf Veterans and Families Association said that of the 7,500 veterans who have made a claim for a disablement pension, 1,500 have claimed GWS, and only two cases have been heard so far.

The tribunal, which hears appeals from ex-service staff who have had their claims for a War Pension rejected by the Secretary of State for Defence, agreed with Lord Lloyd's previous inquiry.

That found that "veterans of the Gulf War later developed an excess of symptomatic ill health over and above that to be expected in the normal course of events" and "there is a Gulf War Health effect".

They added: "The term Gulf War Syndrome is the appropriate medical label to be attached to this excess of symptoms and a useful umbrella for that label.

"It is highly regrettable that there was such a delay in the Ministry of Defence accepting this approach."

Solicitor Mark McGhee, of Linder Myers solicitors, who represented Mr Martin at the tribunal, said: "This is a landmark ruling. It is the definitive case on Gulf War Syndrome to date. Daniel stuck to his guns and has been vindicated, and this is going to have massive implications for hundreds of Gulf War veterans, who clearly suffer from Gulf War Syndrome."

This article: http://www.scotsman.com/?id=2174832005

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As long as they can keep Gulf War Vets separated with presumptive claims of chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, multi joint arthralgia and "undiagnosed fatigue" there is no central guide for rating. Our "subjective" complaints of fatigue and other symptoms can be discounted more easily. It keeps us divided in the system. Some have this, some have that. Rather than a large group suffering an illness, we are a sickly generation of complainers.

I tremble like a frightened little lamb after about an hour of moderate activity makes me very weak. The C&P examiner sits me in a chair and asks me questions for ten minutes. Not one has given me a task for an hour or two and watch to see how I do. Nor do they take the word of those that are around me for activity. I'm rated at 20% for my "undiagnosed fatigue". I must look pretty good sitting in that chair.


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