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Confused About Ptsd Award

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greetings to all. Received the brown env. this morning. I was afraid to open it but finally did about 9 pm. Surprised at the contents but just as confused as ever ( I guess it is the PTSD I just have trouble understanding things). It said my rating for PTSD was increased from 50 to 100% effective May 2005 (This is when I filed the last appeal) I orginally applied for PTSD in 2002 and have been using

appeals since. The letter stated that it would only back to May 2005 because that is when I additional evidence. The package says: we enclosed VA form 21-8760 "additional information for Vets with Service-Connected Permanent & Total Disability" which explains certain factors concerning your benefits. Same page says Basic eligiblity to Dependents Educational Asst. is established from May 2005. Another page talks about CHAMPVA for spouse & child of Vet. who is permanently & totally disabled from service-connected disability. Another page under Reasons for Decision says since you have been granted the maximun evaluation for your service-connected PTSD, your appeal is considered satisfied. Same page under Chap. 35 it says Basic eligibility to Dependents Education Asst. is granted as the evidence shows you currently have a total service-connected disabilty, permanent in nature. How does this relate to TDIU is it better or worse. Should I apply for TDIU or is my award better. It says nothing about if I can work or not. Says nothing about employment ability. Does my award mean I will be reexamined in several years and maybe the rating changed. I am currently working but the VA new this and I will now resign in a month or so. I still have a claim in for increase is shrapanal rating and new rating for other shrapanal wounds, knees and ankle I messed up on air combat assault in Vietnam. Nothing was said about these subjects. They still did not calculate my shrapnal rating which would have given me 40% first and 60% second befjore the final appeal. I think the effective date for the 100 % should be 2002 but I don't want to be greedy, I just want to get away from work and all the stresses and work at being norma again which I don't think I can ever be.

Sorry for long message. Everyone's posting have helped and encouraged me Thank you

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Gratz on your victory sharock...few points:

1) 100% is equal to or better then TDIU.....it's the same pay rate regardless.

2) You seem to be permanent and total which means they will not reevaluate your claim...in other words, you're done with the VA. Truly great news.

3) You will not get any more money for your other injuries ("shrapnal") unless you can get that rating to 60% which can qualify you for a small amount of special monthly compensation (about $300 more a month). You should still follow up on this claim, and any other service connected problem, if for no other reason then DiC incase, god forbid, you die of a disorder other then your PTSD...in other words, if a different war injury causes your death and that injury isn't rated by the VA your family may not get any benefits.

Basically, be happy:-) You got as much as you could with your claim and keep fighting on the physical stuff, but don't stress about it as it probably won't result in any extra money.

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  • HadIt.com Elder

Welcome to Hadit Shamrock.

If you continually appealed from the time you filed you should be paid back to the date you originally filed. You still have a year to Appeal this last decision and I would certainly consider doing that as it is 4 years of back pay sitting on the table.

Telling you its your fault cause you did not submit the evidence until May is baloney.

Good Luck and I am sure others will have something to say. Do you get Social Security cause if you don't you better file for that and if you do its additional proof.

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  • HadIt.com Elder

I agree with Pete file a NOD on the effective date, it should be back to 2002,, they denied me originally saying it was my fault the incident happened but when I finally got copies of the 4 general court martials of the guys they sent to Leavenworth for beating me and robbing me they paid me back to Dec 03, but they only gave me 50%SC so I am appealing the rating everything I have substantiates an award of 100% of 70%TDIU, and I ain't quitting, another thing if you are taking pysch meds and are having ED problems they are a side effect of the meds and file for the ED and that pays an extra 80 a month.100%P&T is better than TDIU congrats man you did good.......

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How does this relate to TDIU is it better or worse. Should I apply for TDIU or is my award better. It says nothing about if I can work or not.

nothing better then 100% P&T !!!

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