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Nicholson & Buyers Disturbed Minds

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Guest fla_viking


Guest fla_viking

Dear Fellow Veterans & Friends.

6 months ago Nicholson & Buyer tried to do a secrete PTSD Review. After a suicide of a vet and much public disclouser. They stoped the PTSD reviews.

I have recently read they are now trying secrete reviews on PTSD again. These guys go to bed angry that there are disabled vets out there having familys and taking care of them with the compensation they get. These guys really dont like vets having a life and live with that frustration every day we continue to to get paid our VA comp.

IT was a secrete 6 months ago when they wanted PTSD reviews and now again they are being secrete about this new review.

You notice how us vets use straigh forwad laws and arguments to support our claims. and the VA uses riddels and obstructs claims process. The only way these guys can succed is to be secrete and keep vets isolated from public review so they can do what they want to us. I honestly belive public discloser is the worst fear and enemy these guys have. No vet has to live in fear of these guys if they know how to report the abuse to stop it. These guys will single out individual vets who cant defend themselfs and screw with there lives.

2 years ago the VA was going to let me loose my home when I asked for back pay and in return they changed the direct deposit to my bank account and lost my check. A littel threat to the VA and my congressman that I would turn myself in to a Fed jury for protection and tell about the whole criminal acts commited. 4 days latter I had my VA check in my mail box. The same day I was to be evicted from my park.

I would hate for any vet to even think of killing themselfs like Gregg Morris did because of the PTSD reviews. There are so many ways of turning these people in for abuse and that will stop them immeaditly once they see someone over looking there moves.

Dont think of how crazy they are, how unfair this is. How you want to hrut them or yourselfs. Think of creative ways of turning them in. This is the best defence we vets have.

Terry Higgins

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The watchdog site-


has the reports on this latest assault against veterans.

one of the reports said this new review is going to cost over a million dollars.

Our VARO only has 2 DROs and it is taking over a year and a half to get a DRO review-

people at the VAROs are retiring and the budget does not seem to allow for replacements-

I think a high amount of claims are being shuffled through and often denied without the adjudicators taking the time to fully read them and the evidence.

My VARO has been unable to hire anyone for years.

Yet here goes money that could be better spent in training and hiring some more adjudicators.

I gripe about the VAR0s but I bet they have people that are completely burned out-under the pressure of quantity not quality.

They (VA)pay an AMC (Appeals MAnagement Center)and I cannot figure out what the heck they do-

One of my vets- (after waiting for 12 years) right at the end of his claim-

had it all sent to the AMC by the VARO to "check it for errors"-more time waiting for resolve-

and then they sent it back-to the VARO and

it still had errors-

You would think that VARO employees themselves would start demanding

to have the right to hire more people instead of the gov spending money like this.

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  • HadIt.com Elder


As you may remember I am a full subscriber to the 4% rule that the VA uses. Any new thing that can be employed to delay is used. Although occassionally a DRO speeds up a claim for the most part they seem to be a bottleneck or another choke point. Just my opinion and I would still recommend using the DRO to people who have a strong claim.

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Guest fla_viking

Dear Berta.

We dont want the RO to read our claims files. That just slows down the whole process. I have noticed with my own claim. You can have the facts and laws before them on a silver platter and they still twist them and get it wrong. You place to much crediblity in the RO.

The best thing for vets to relize is. Without any accountablity at the RO level. Nothing is going to change and you all are wasting your time trying to get the RO to see your case the way you do.

The fastest way to get your claim resolved is for the RO to deny it and then put your claim on the docket to BVA.

Terry Higgins

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Guest allanopie

>one of the reports said this new review is going to cost over a million dollars.

Hello Berta,

I wonder who's getting the contract?

Going the DRO route delayed my claim by four yrs & basically copied the RO's denial. I hope you receive better review of evidence.

I've been trying to receive care for MS since the diagnoses from Dr Bash last winter. When I provided my PCP with a copy of the diagnoses, he said then he didn't think he had to acknowledge it since it wasn't from a VA doctor.

Since then, I've tried to get something prescribed for chronic fatigue & neuralgia on different visits & over the phone. This Dr refuses to treat me for either. It's been over a yr since I've been treated for neuralgia.

Told him the GERD is burning my throat, getting worse & the painful bulge I feel in my gut, plus the stomach hernia is driving me nuts. He said to sleep partly sitting up & that they could stitch the hernia, but the stitches usually don't hold.

Since the VA refuses to recognize the diagnoses, if I can get some of the issues for MS looked at through Medicare doctors, does the VAMC have to comply with there recommendations or prescriptions?

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