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david walker


When you file migraines as secdcondry to DDD and the examine comes back and says they are upper cervical oppital headaches blending with daily neck pain & and Pain is the chief factor, what does that mean.

My neuroligist and family doctor both diagnosed as migraines caused by my neck problems (and it it in the exam notes). I' m just afraid the are try to avoid the migraines because I have daily headaches and sever headaches 1-2 times a month. I am on zomig, prescribed by my VA doctor.


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David- on the C & P report did the VA doctor state anything that showed he/she felt they were most than likely or as likely as not secondary due to the DDD?

These C & Ps docs are getting to be the biggest problem- aside from the raters-

They are failing to fully address the blank C & Ps-

One of my vets just got a C & P (took 5 minutes)and as he was leaving the doctor asked him what the C & P was for!

Then the doc called him back in and asked him 2-3 more questions- he hasn't gotten the results yet-

I think every vet should bring a copy of the blank C & Ps with them to these exams or at least go over them

good to see if the doc

1. gives you the right C & P exam-and

2. asks the right questions for the purpose of the VA claim.

On the Migraine Exam:


they really dont ask for much or anything- as to what condition could be causing the Migraines- in your case the DDD-

this is troublesome because it means an adjudicator can read it the way they want to-

is this the exam you got?

One of my vets point blank asked the C & P doc if there was a nexus to his service (he had his SMRs with him) The doc said yes -most probably- so he made the doc put it in the report of the exam-

He had two IMOs and still got a denial but they awarded after he raised Hell- with a strong NOD-and another IMO (that I never believed they would accept the third one-long story there-but they did!)

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I recently received My Rating Decision, which was a review, and the DVA states, "Evaluation of migraine headaches, which is currently 0% disabling, is confirmed and continued.

The reason for the review was that the frequency of the head aches was misinterpreted by the DVA as 3 a year when it is three a month.

I was prescribed Inderal and Motrin by the doctors while still in service.

I believe that the DVA has mistaken the frequency because of a symptoms questionnaire I filled out during the C&P which I marked as 3, assuming it meant a month, but I know for a fact that the doctor reported the correct information to QTC.

How is the best approach in getting a fair assessment of my condition? Do I file a NOD with an IMO from my primary care doctor? Doesn’t that process take a long time?

time? Help please.

Sorry this doesnt pertain to your case David. But it fell under your topic created.

Edited by Scott D
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Scott, You should go to the VA to obtain a copy of the C and P exam. The exam will have a report written by the Doctor. This may be a Ploy by the RO to Tap Dance around your getting the proper percentage you deserve. If you average 2 or more debilitating attacks from Migraines it should be 50 percent. This is frustrating. But if you get the file and see different information than you may be able to get it straightened out. I had a c and P for migraines on Monday and it looks favorable. The Service records have the headaches listed. I need to wait a couple of weeks to get the copy of the exam. Good luck.

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"The reason for the review was that the frequency of the head aches was misinterpreted by the DVA as 3 a year when it is three a month"

Scott in your NOD I would clarify this for the VA-just as you stated it here- and if you have an IMO to attach to the NOD- it would be GREAT!

Tell them it is attached to the NOD and that you fully intend to continue your appeal until the benefit sought is granted.

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