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Need Help Finding Cavc Cases Indexed By Subject

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Around the end of last year, the beginning of this year, one of our members posted a link to a manual of CAVC cases alphabetically indexed by subject aligned with various important aspects of 38 CFR (not by litigants' names)that the DAV had written. I cannot locate my copy (I think I loaned it to someone), and am having problems locating it in old postings. Has anyone here bookmarked it? If you could help me out, I'd very much appreciate it. I referred to it in general in a January 2008 posting, so it must have been shortly before then. Thanks!

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I havent found it either but am still looking-

In 1991 when NVLSP started the VBM they would have COVA cases listed by the key factors of the case-it took me seconds in 1992 to find a case in the VBM to support one of my husband's claims-it was Washington V Derwinski.

It took a few hours to get COVA to fax it to me-

(glad those days are over)-and then I had to go to the closest xerox machine ( 20 miles away to get it copied)glad for a printer scanner now!

When I sent the case to the DAV and the RO -the DAV rep told me he didnt think it would help at all.

He was wrong-Washington V Derwinski was one of the initial COVA cases that clearly stated when a veteran has evidence of unemployability due to a SC condition by virtue of an SSA disability award -the SSA findings MUST be considered as probative evidence of SC causing TDIU.

The newer editions refer to countless CAVC cases and then they have the case list at the back of the book-

still this would be great if anyone can find this list for VAF because we could all benefit from it.

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Thank you Berta and everyone else for checking! If we can get it listed as a reference source on the homepage here, that would be great. I think with everything going on with my husband's writ request, and the fact that we have claims at the VARO, Court remands at the Board, and appeals pending at the Court levels, my ability to keep track of stuff has started to suffer. I've got a four drawer file cabinet devoted just to VA stuff, and have tried to be careful, but this particular item has gotten away from me.

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