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Gwi Presumptive Question

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Does Gulf War Illness have to be specifically stated by the Dr as the cause of illness/condition?

I just sent his NOD for all the denials, but wanted to make sure I was right in what I sent.

I thought that GWI is presumed as the cause if there is no underlying cause? & service in GW is documented. Am I wrong?

My husband just got denied for conditions that are all listed under US 11/38 & has been trying to get treatment at VA since 2000. I do not believe any Dr actually said it was GWI, (waiting on rec's) they just ran lots of test (upper GI, colost,etc)never gave him a diagnosis of any of these problems. Decision Letter denied them all as non S/C , but they didn't list them in his claim for GWI - although his claim for GWI was also denied - said don't cause significant disabilities & again saying non S/C (how is GWI not S/C?)

chronic stomach pains, bloating (stuck in @ 10 in colon operation claim- only thing he got approved s/c) they didn't put this in his GWI claim at all.

Repritory problems - no sc

high blood pressure (very young started @ 30 years old) (GWI cardiovascular) - no sc

depression no sc (definaly diagnosised, but said it was from hand surgery, no mention of GWI) I disagreed in NOD , stated GWI caused depression & many factors have aggrevated his depression.

Memory lapses - said C&P said memory fine, answered ? fine. (She told him she couldn't address mental issues/ had to go to psyc - can they even use her statement?) denied in GWI section

mood swings, anxiety, worry, anger control - all conf diag. - but denied for no s/c

(he has many other conditions too - but I know this is getting long)

All of these are listed as presumed conditions of GWI & I wrote in the NOD they should have been put in that group instead of individual.

Am I missing something? Does a Dr have to actually diagnosis GWI as the cause? I already sent the letter, but just 2nd guessing myself & wanted opinions.


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GWI is a strange animal.

Since the anthrax 'shots' were made with questionable adjuvants (stuff that makes them work better) I suggest a 'heavy metals burden' test.

MERCURY is a questionable adjuvant and can be removed from the bodies of mammals.

Look up the symptoms and make your own conclusions.

The Department of Da'fence has always gone for the best disease protection for the troops, Gag' and Gasp', and secondary problems, GWI, resulting from that so-called protection is always a problem for the VA, not the military.

I am in the process of trying to discover 'what' they used on us so I can limit the future damage.

The past 32 years of myself fighting this crap has not left very much to save though.

How many disabled vets would not trade their comp check for a healthy body?

I would.


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