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Soc And Partial Grant

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Spoke with someone on the 1-800 today. They told me that the DRO had given me a partial grant of my claims on the NOD. She could not tell me what was granted, percentage level etc.... She did say the file is currently with a veterans service rep who would be sending out a SOC within the next few days. Not what I hoped to hear but at least it is movement. Nod was submitted in Aug 05. All claims were already service connected but improperly rated (I felt so).

Feb 05 stroke - SC but no payment. asked for 100% for six months as directed in part 4.

Residuals of stroke - SC rated at 10 percent. IMO from treating Neuro guy, board cert 30 year experience providing that nerve damage has resulted in complete loss of function of left arm/hand, leg/foot and incomplete severe paralysis of left side of face with no recovery possible. Asked for 100% due to complete loss of function of hand and foot and 20 percent for face.

Hypertension - SC rated at 20 percent. Asked for increase to 60% based upon daily readings in excess of 225/135. This lead to Feb 05 Stroke and continues todate. Currently on 5 Sep HBP meds.

Asked for SC for joint pain which SMR's indicate Fibro present (GWV) along with SC for Gerd.

Knowing my luck the paritial grant will be SC for joint pain and gerd with 0% rating.

I will let you guys know since all of you were instrumental in providing me with information which helped me work through the NOD. If it is a bad decision it will be because they failed to apply regs properly and did not use my civilian health care records and IMO's from my treating doctors.

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Ricky- it might not take too long to get something in the mail from them- you sound like me-

expect what you feel you deserve but always be prepared for something much less---

you have a good claim---- it would be their failure to use all of your evidence (in my opinion) if the award is too low-the SOC- when it comes you will know how to combat that decision too----and we will help.

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:P Ricky: I'm not sure that I am reading this correctly, it sounds as if the claim was sent to your Service Officer for them to write up the SOC on your claim. I'm sure it ment to say a claims officer is writing up the claim's SOC.

"She did say the file is currently with a veterans service rep who would be sending out a SOC within the next few days."

I'm not trying to be picky, It just didn't sound right. B)

Jim S. :)

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from what I can tell after looking it up a veterans service rep at the VA is a VA employee who is a do everything person to include typing. They have two types RVSR and VSR.

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Today's call to 1-800 provided that on 1/31/06 the file was sent back to the appeals management team for review and then was forwarded to the Senior Authorizer. I have no idea what any of this means nor did the 1-800 people.

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Odd -they said something just like that to me Monday-

I believe they might mean that the SOC is on the vet rep's desk(your POA person at the VARO) to read over and sign off on.

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