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Are Any Geeks Out There?

Guest Berta

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One of my vets just got $98,000 retro award letter from the VARO-

I forget if it was our CUE # 1 (he has 2) or the NOD we sent .

He attached the VA letter in a winmail.dat attachment-and is very anxious as to what it says.

even if I open it I cannot read it-

It does come out fairly well in Vietnamese- but my kid isnt home from work-and is doing special project -and is very busy- so I cant email it to her to translate it.

Any suggestions? I opened with Micro Office and then regular Word but cannot read.

It sure is odd to see VA and $98,000 then Vietnamese writing with all their little doo dads on a decision letter from the VA. I already tried ASHII and the Western windows script et all

Thanks Berta

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My kid is a Vietnamese Linquist and while in the mil she must have been good because the Joint Chiefs of Staff gave her a letter of appreciation or something like that for a translation she did for them.

She went to Vietnam to protect Clinton in support of the Secret Service in 1999 I think it was-

And she also got many Vietnam vets their proper awards -one or two got the Silver Star -some Bronze Stars - (I have documentation) due her translation of a document a vet found while in Nam with SSA #s of his men on it- in Vietnamese- and more

It was 35 years later- after my kid translated it- an BIG award from the Vietnamese Military for them. He always thought it was a hit list.

She has helped another member here get similiar award on his DD 214.

The initial vet she dealt with (the one who had saved this document all this years from Nam) sent me a picture of the award his Congressman presented to him a few months back due to my kid's help-

It was the Distinquished Flying Cross. AFter 35 years .

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