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Minor Rant

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Greetings All,

Currently SC: Cardiomegaly 60%, Thoracic Spine 40%, Cervical Spine 20%, Loss of use creative organ 20%, Hypertension 10%

Had DRO hearing earlier this year for restrictive lung ( I have thoracic kyphoscoliosis[sC for thoracic bone disorder], and SA) and Urinary freaquency-voiding dysfunction. Im on Dieuretics for my SC Cardiomegaly and Hypertension. I have clearly requested/demonstrated (med lititure) the unrinary problem be SC due to the cardiomegaly (pooled fluid in the legs causes excessive nocturnia), and the medication which the expected action of the dieuretic (not a side effect it is the primary purpose of the medication), and for nerve issues (I have 7 disks that touch/compress cord). I found out today that the file has been sitting for three months(after sleep apnea exam) with a note to ask for a medical opinion on the urinary freaquency causes (all pathologies). Now when they did the C&P exam last year for Cervical Spine, ED, and Urinary freaquency the examiner was told to only give a medical opinion on weather the urinary freaquency was related to the Cervical Spine.

Fast forward nine months and three months after a C&P exam requested after the DRO Hearing.

Three months + for someone to ask for a medical opinion they could have had before, except that they explicitly forbid the examiner to consider any other SC condition in thier medical opinion. It is a waste of money and time. What makes it even better is the Dr. they sent me to for the sleep apnea was an internest not a pulmonologist or Nuero. The Internest would have been more than capable of rendering an opinion on Urinary condition being related to by other conditions but wasn't asked.

As for the restrictive lung, am service connected for a Bone disorder(old 5099 code) thoracic spine, the examiner clearly indicates I have khyposcoliosis, VA doctors clearly indicate I have an enlarged right ventricle (shown on a VA heart Echo) VASRD lists "6842 Kyphoscoliosis, pectus excavatum, pectus carinatum." as a restrictive condition and right ventricle hypertrophy is a 100% rating. Knowing that they would try to foist the enlarged heart onto the sleep apnea(even though I am SC for cardiomegaly[all chambers] and the VASRD says to rate enlarged right ventricle as a respiratory condition), I have a letter from a board certified pulmonologist and sleep medicine specialist indicating it is more likely than not my apena began in service due to, observed loud snoring, 17 inch neck size, Weight with date and measurement from my service record, and unexplained diagnosis of Hypertension(essential) at the time. He went on further to indicate that my back pain further excaberates the condition and pain medications (opiates) will make apnea worse. Yet they can't SC and rate it properly after three years of kicking it around and I have to appeal it.

For an administration that seems to think the only way to get this economy going again is to have the federal government spend money, you'd think getting the million claim backlog cleared would be a priority.

An executive order saying use some common sense, "approve reasonable claims", would stimulate the economy and actually provide a non-adversarial enviroment. I am convinced a vast number of raters know the claims they are denying (for a technical reason/not medical) will eventually be approved. They have to have a clue that the internet actually is empowering people to know when the VA is blowing smoke and that they should appeal.


Thank you for letting me vent!

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