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I just thought some of you might add some direction and answers.

I have been waiting for 18 months for any word about my claim, so I contacted Congressman Jeb Hensarling office about my claim back in Feb of this year, and mailed in the form,No one ever contacted meSo again in April of this year I filled out the forms again on there web site and waited and still no one contacted me, I than called in about 6 times and no one ever returned my calls, I found out through another office that the person to contact was Margret, I than called until I reached her, about 4 more times,She said she had received the forms and had called and was told that it was still in development, which is almost word for word what they tell me when I callI call the VA 800 number the next day was told there was a decision made a few months back but could not tell me anything about the decisionI called many more times to Congress Hensarling office and when I did reach Margret, she said she would check into it,I waited a month and than called her many times till I reached her and she said that , She was told that it was a mistake and the Va people should not have told me about, That it was in a area they were not to divulge from that area of my file, this was in June 2011I emailed the County vso and he informed that they have everything they need to make a decision, this was the end of June 2011I waited until Mid July and emailed him again and he reported that they we very close to adjudicating my case.I than email him again last week and he said that I was denied because I never responded to the letter dated June 11th, 2011 and That I should have responded within 30 days and I didn't so they closed the case.I never received the letter and after many times calling the VA 800 number the county Vso, not one word of any letterI still have not received any letter of denial or a hurry up and die we hate veterans letter.

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Political portion deleted. Has nothing to do with the claim.
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If you have a Service Officer they shold have received a copy of the letter. Find out what information they needed and send it in. A claim is not final until one year after the date of the decision letter. The information will reopen the claim.

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