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Update On Nehmer Review

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I got this from Colonel Dan via Bob Walsh:




For in-country VietNam vets

Read attached PDF file

Sent by Robert P. Walsh

NVLSP’s comments on the Agent Orange cases.

Almost every effective date has been wrong.

Bart says vets should file a NOD but also get a letter in to NVLSP.

I think they have instructions up on their website. See the last slide.

Also, they are paying the estates o f deceased vets even if no widow.

Robert P. Walsh


I attached the pdf.

This news is upsetting.

The VA can be sanctioned for major errors on these Nehmer claims.Maybe it will take sanctions to get the VA to do ALL claims correctly.

It is outrageous to think, in spite of the Nehmer Training Letter that these claims are still being mishandled.

I just went through some old VA paperwork I have.One was a copy of a response I made to VA in 1996 stating they apparently cant read.

Things sure have not changed.


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Unfortunately this is a power point on Nehmer and not a breakdown of any VA errors-so I need to contact Bob Walsh to see how he got his info. He probably has seen these errors in VA claims he handles as an attorney.

Maybe I read it too fdast and missed something.

However the last page of the Power point indicates NVLSP "complaints" could potentially be filed with the DOJ.

Yippee to that.DOJ Dept of Justice

The thought of NVLSP possibly going over all my stuff for my Nehmer claim that has accumulated for the last 17 years with the VA is an embarrassment to the VARO I dealt with.It is quite obvious that either I was singled out or they simply have continued to be illiterate.

I think these chronic errors do not happen in a Vacuum and I really don't think the whole VA cant read.

I think it is a deliberate and planned attempt to withhold comp from certain deserving vets and widows as long as they can.

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I read it too Fast -the Footnote One claims seem to have the most errors.(that doesn't surprise me)

Footnote one of Nehmer is explained in our AO forum.

ad finitum

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