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10% right hip strain

painful motion of hip higher evaluation not warranted unless there is limitation of abduction

10% left hip strain flexion is limited to 45 degrees or less

10% tinnitus

10% Lumbar Strain

forward flexion greater than 60 but not greater than 85 degrees. combined ROM greater than 120 but not greater than 235 degrees. additional symptoms: painful motion. a higher eval not warranted unless combined ROM not greater than 120 or muscle spasms, abnormal gait (wrong) abnormal contour such as scoliosis, reversed lordosis (wrong), or abnormal kyphosis

0% right wrist

status post scaphoid fracture palmer flexion limited, but not in line with forearm, dorsiflexion limited to 15

0% left wrist

Provisions concerning functional loss due to pain, fatique, weaknesss, or lack of endurance, and flare-ups

have been considered but not warranted. Higher not warranted unless painful motion.

I have been seen by VA medical since 2001 for pain and weakness, documented DJD as early as 1990 Arthritis since that time too in STRs and VA records. surgery on both twice on left in service. HELP!

0% left ankle

Dxd disability with no compensable symptoms. Provisions concerning functional loss due to pain, fatique weaknesss, or lack of endurance, and flare-ups have been considered but not warranted. Higher are not warrented unless painful motion. I don't have much on this injury since service except for my lay statements.

right ankle denied I don't have much on this injury except lay statements

right knee denied Although there is a record of treatment in service for right knee strain, no permanent residual or chronic disability subject to SC was shown by service treatment records. The VA medical opinion found no link, the evidence does not show that you developed arthritis of right knee to a compensable degree within left knee the specified time period. the condition neither occurred in nor was caused by service. Only lay statements

PTSD denied

a review of your STRs records failed to reveal symptoms/diagnosis of PTSD. Your SPR did not reveal the receipt of any combat citations. Your stressor included duties in Somalia witnessing the death of a civilian. Treatment letter from the VA revealed situational insomnia. In May 2011 you were DXd with anxiety disorder. You were treated and dxd with PTSD by LCSW. With review of your claims folder to include STRs from VAMC and the Vet Center the examiner declared you did not meet the full criteria for PTSD. You were dxd with an adjustment disorder with anxiety.

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Can someone shed some light on this. I have records of arthritis, DJD on both wrist going back to 1990 in service. I am also documented with abnormal gait and had a nerve conduction test with DXD lower nerve issues. Should this be separate or connected as secondary to lumbar. With the PTSD is it really worth the fight or since they've basically provided me with the anxiety disorder should I run with that and lose the filing date?

Thanks in advance

God Bless and Good luck

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