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Coming Up Appointment At Va Clinic

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Wasn't sure if this was the right forum to post this. I have a new patient appointment in a week at my local VA clinic and I am really nervous about it. I have never dealt with the VA doctors before and I do not know what I should expect. I never had a good experience with my healthcare while in the military and I am worried I will be dealing with the same crap. (the only exception is the doc. I had when I had my son, she was amazing). I guess I just needed to voice my feelings of anxiety about this upcoming appointment to someone, I hate the unexpected. :smile:

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Sorry if this is late but you will do just fine. I was treated very poorly by military docs and did not see a doc for almost 6 years because of this.

My advice to you is it not worth being anxious about, don’t go in blind know what you want as a result of your appointment and go after it. Make sure they address all you want addressed. Make sure you ask questions about med there interactions, the whole nine yards. Have it planed out before you go no one is going to be invested in your health care as you.

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Thank you. I actually made a list of all my questions and medications so I don't forget anything when I get there (I always forget something). Thank you again, It took me 4 years after getting out of the military to find a doctor I trust, so I can relate to not seeing one because of the treatment received in the military.

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Had my appointment yesterday. It didn't go too badly. The doctor was very odd, I think that is the only word that could accurately describe her. All in all though, I found out my thyroid was low again so my meds are being adjusted, which is good because I have been needing to get my levels checked, but been unable to.

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Glad to hear it, make sure you are telling your doc about everything not just service connected stuff. There all odd that's why they work for the VA.

Stay encouraged make all your appointment, refill your meds on time and don't be to shy to ask for a referral to another department if you think you need it. I really had to fight to get to see the VA chiropractor.

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Many of the VA doctors at the Cleveland facility are the same ones that rotate in and out of the world renowned Cleveland Clinic and University Hospitals. I was really anxious before my first appointment too. For the most part, I've been more than ok with the quality of care.

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