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What Is Ebenefits Looking At? (Examples)

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Screen examples-

These are not the actual screens, as I cannot provide them without getting into a fix at work. I am sorry you will have to scroll up and down but hopefully this will help some.

Contention screen

ClaimedContention body description Type of Claim Date received Claim Type Claim status

Hearing loss Hearing loss Core 1/25/2013 new pending

Shoulder injury Shoulder,right 5/20/2013 reopened pending

Right elbow fracture Elbow, right 5/20/2013 secondary pending

Right knee injury Knee, right 5/20/2013 new pending

Pension Misc new new closed

This will give you an idea of what the tracking screens look like, that track your claims. Please understand there are more boxes than I am showing here, but this gives you an idea of what the telephone call center people are looking at when they are on the phone with you. Since they DON’T work claims, they really don’t know what this means as far as where your claim is in the development stage.

The contention screen lists all your claimed conditions. New, reopened, secondary, this is the list of issues that we are currently working on. (we have other screens that show what you are service connected for what you have been denied for , how much your monthly payment, how many dependents on the award, etc. screens for everything, But this is one of the screens the call center sees.

Tracking screen

Tracked items Date requested Date received Not received Tracked item Closed requested in error 1st request 2nd request

Audio exam 6/2/13 8/15/13

MES request

5103 request for 5/20/13 9/15/2013

medical records

from claimant

5103 Notice 5/20/13 8/25/13


VAMC Reno 5/20/2013 9/15/2013

progress notes

Veteran 5/20/2013 5/20/13


STRS copies

Radiology report 5/20/13 5/20/13

Dr. Green from


Right elbow

opinion MES exam 6/20/2013 8/25/13


Gen Med exam 06/20/13 7/2/13

for pension

STRs requested 06/20/13 8/25/13 9/10/13

National Guard

New and material 5/20/13 9/10/2013

evidence for

shoulder, right

This is an example of the tracked item screen this screen tells us what has been requested, by whom, and what has been received. You will note the issues involved are the same issues as those in the example contention screen. This tracked item screen is another screen the 800 call center people can look at to see what is going on with your case. These screens can be updated changed or modified as needed depending on what is going on with your claim.

When a file has all the requested information completed, (this does not mean we got the information), it means we have done the requests we are required to do, and we have fulfilled our part to get the records or order exams and the file is ready to rate.


When the tracked items are closed because there are many ,many tracked items, and the file is ready for a decision, closing the tracked items allows the file to be move to the next step. VSRs do not always enter the dates the evidence was obtained, especially if the records are current treatment records that are available for our review at any time through another program. The VSR just closes the tracked items and moves the claim to the Rating Board, as the rating board knows where to find that evidence in the file or in the computer. When this happens the computer shows it as NOT RECEIVED.

Tracked items are to aid a VSR in managing the case. When we set up and send the Veteran a 5103 letter, the computer sets up tracked items we may not need to track, but the computer program for whatever reason needs to set these up. This is an internal thing the system does, and we cannot kept it from listing these auto generated items. So we closed them out when we move the file to the Ready for Decision phase, and eBenefits shows the items as closed without receipt. So what happens, the Veteran thinks we didn't get the necessary information in support of the claim.

Not good. Do Not pay attention to EBENEFITS reason codes. They are not correct.


VSRs will CLOSE TRACKED ITEMS JUST TO CLOSE IT, TO MOVE THE FILE TO THE NEXT STEP. Ebenefits sees the item as closed (not received) and then the Veteran sees it in ebenefits the evidence was not received.


VA sends you a 5103 letter asking for evidence and providing your Duty to Assit What the evidence must show

You sent in everything you had to submit, when your opened the claim, so you don’t have any more evidence to send.

The system did two things automatically

1, it set up a tracking for 5103 Notice response

2. it set up a tracking item for “request for evidence from the claimant”

The VSRs entered a receive date for the 5103 Notice of 8/25/13/because you sent it back to VA after you received the letter telling VA you have no more evidence to submit.

But the VSR closes the "request for evidence from the claimant" which indicated no evidence received. (we know that’s not true because you sent in your evidence wth the claim. Which we listed in the evidence screen).

Ebenefits can only tell you what box was checked in the tracking screen, it cannot tell you why it was checked and NEITHER can the 800 call center people. They do not have enough experience in the claims process or they have no experience working claims, to know or understand this system. Some of these employees think they know it all, be careful and Iwould ask them if they have ever worked in the claims departmet, as a VSR. If yes, then maybe you can trust them if not, I would not trust what they say except for minor questions.

PLEASE keep in mind we are also working in another new paperless system (VBMS). SO this information is mixed and ebenefits is pulling from multiple programs.

If you truly are anxious about your claim, and what is happening, plan a day trip to go to your Regional Office. Arrive early and plan on being there for a while. Take your wife or husband to lunch. Go in and talk to the public contact people. These employees for the most part are seasoned in claims processing, and if they don't know the answer they can walk across the isle and ask a supervisor or a senior VSR or even an RVSR what is going on with your claim.

Or call the 800# and ask the call center employee to send and email to the person who has your file, or who is working on your claim to please call you. They can enter your request into the system in the note section of your file and they can also email directly any VA employee and ask he employee to call you.

As a last resort, If you can't get to the regional office then send in a VA Form 21-4138 and ask the VSR or RVSR working your claim to PLEASE call you personally. In your note promise them you will not talk their ear off and your won't get mad, but it is reallty important that you speak with them. It might take a while for a response but when you get through the information will be more accurate.

Lastly, make friends with someone at VA. Get their number and call them at their work so the call is an official call that they can document your file appropriately. Go through the identifying protocol and they will be able to help you figure out what is happening. A lot of VA employees are members at your local VFWs, ALs, etc., they can really make a difference in helping you find out what is happeninng, however, they won't be able to move your claim or work it, but they can get information to you.

I surely hope this has helped. -Harleyman i

had to edit this as the CHARTS would not upload as charts. Sorry, this may be more difficult to look at than I thought it was going to be. But hopefully you'll get the idea.

Edited by harleyman
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Thank you Harleyman! I wish I knew this stuff a year ago it would have saved a lot of worrying on the not recieved stuff etc in ebenfits. As always thank you for sharing your in depth knowledge of the VA it sure is a great benefit to all of us here on the confusing VA system we deal with. :biggrin:

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