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3 Cp Apptments For The Same Contention And They Got 2 Out Of 3 Wrong.

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well they screwed up the first one, I havent seen the second on, and they screwed up the third one. My thought is they were trying to get 2 bad out of 3 and they did but wrongfully heres why.

They last CP I had told the examiner that the first CP doc didnt measure my scar properly and never asked if it was painful or not. Ok so the sent me to another CP exam, this doctor found it silly that they didnt service connect it, being a 12 inch scar in the abdomen and related to a service connected operation. I havent seen his results, but im sure they were favorable, they were done at VES, so I dont have a copy yet. Ok the third CP exam. this is how they screwed me, examiner wrote for the most part what I told her when she asked if the scar was painful, but in the box below where it ask if scar is painful or unstable she check the NO box. WTH?

veteran has a large well healed non tender anterior trunk surgery scar. States he feels some deep discomfort at the scar due to it being on the abdomen so with some motion or movement HE WILL FEEL PAIN. ALSO with weather changes he also feels discomfort.

this is verbatim what she wrote/ then under neath where it says Are any of the scars of the trunk painful She frigging checked NO

PEOPLE YOU need to read your CP exams several times. I didnt even catch ot the first time, but couldnt understand why they denied me/

It is sickening that a man with a high school education has to go behind people who are likely making 150,000 a year and clean up thier messes. and wipe thier ass for them. how damned hard is this. CHECK THE BOX THAT CORRELATES WITH THE DESCRIPTION IN THE NARRATIVE. wtf??

This is why I belive it is NOT a mistake, its scams to deny veterans. If someone tape recorded the CP exam, the examiner would be caught red handed, but who is to say they cant say. OH heck I checked the wrong box .. just evil.. plain evil.

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If they will screw a war veteran ,this hard, by going thru that much trouble who gave close to 6 years of his life to this country to to rob me out of a measely 10 percent contention, for a painful scar, what do you think they will do to someone who should be getting 100?

People veterans are in the shitty. im tellin ya. its bad

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