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C&pexam Issues

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Reading back over my previous posts.

Va accepted the recon and didn't piss the time away. Went to the VA media office and had my records printed and as I read over the DBQ's. The Doctor performing the exam on my ankles, legs, and back and neck, E.D. This Quack didn't ask me anything other than Name, and ssn. And did nothing more than throw me Under the bus. They didn't even address the secondary E.D. claim to the already awarded PTSD. Well needless to say , the regional office denied what I had filed based on this Quacks DBQ.



VA agreed that all these filed claims were in my active duty record (which I personally copied before retirement) There is no evidence it has progressed, although all these claims are as well documented in my VA file.

So this is why I feel the above Quack Threw me under the Bus.

How do I file a formal complaint and will it do any good?


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"There is no evidence it has progressed, although all these claims are as well documented in my VA file."

Do your VA treatment records show progression.( continuous treatment records and meds)..and what claims didn't progress.....?

The C & P docs are the main weapon VA uses against us.

I know no one likes to hear it, but IMOs are often the only way to succeed these days.

Were you able to comply fully with the VCAA letter?

I was at the BVA site today and VA is still sending out inappropriate VCAA letters and that means BVA has to remand those claims because the veteran's rights have been violated.

If we know more as to what you claimed and what VA said...we can help more.

Did you send them any evidence along with the reconsideration request ,that they ignored?

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progression is documented dating back to 1980. the dbq's in question are secondary claims to 1.PTSD, Ed.

2.Secondary right ankle fracture, , DBQ -Left ankle, knee pain arthritis, , DBQ -hip & thigh conditions Degenerative arthritis.

The C&P doc did not attempt any investigative conversation. Doc only asked my name & last 4.

As well, The doc didn't appear to notice my knee brace on the left knee or the cane I use.

The above claims were denied obviously due to doc's statements, and the RO did make a statement of my submitted evidence from my active duty medical record proving back and leg injuries documented continuously in my med record over my career.

And the claim is still in administrative review. Which, they may be moving fast as a rock.



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